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Nessa Devil - Animal instinct is calling!

Did this naive cutie really think a hot guy she met a few days ago was taking her to the forest just for a little picnic? Man, if assfucking some petite chick with a pair of the most amazing big natural boobs and giving her a messy anal creampie is called a picnic, then we're in for two! Looks like this sex-starved teeny didn't mind having some extra hardcore fun outdoors cuz she made the guy cum a few times in a row and still had her perfectly fuckable holes ready for more.




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  1. Čech says:

    This is CZECH bitch for sure! I love her, she fucks so great.

  2. John says:


  3. Tribosi says:

    I totally love Czech and Hungarian babes! She is gorgeous regardless of her nationality. I hope that if she is from Central Europe she eventually do some girl on girl stuff with DDF or Viv Thomas or Private. She would be perfect in a tongue job with Angel Blue or Eufrat or Nella or Sophie Moone or any of the babes of the old Eastern Bloc.

    So Čech do you know her stage name?

  4. tribosi says:

    duh! Her stage name is right under the picture.

    Nessa Devil

  5. Čech says:

    Yes, its Nessa Devil.

    Here is her first movie: http://modelka149.cz/
    And there is another one: http://www.krasnyholky.cz/

    If you are interested, i'll post links for download.

  6. Tribosi says:

    Once I did a eurbobabeindex look for her then I recognized her. She is in SexSense's Les Angels.

    Her Eurobabeindex entry

  7. Tribosi says:

    Čech, I am always interested in Central European women. When I visited Prague (Praha) some years ago I was impressed and aroused. At the time I was with a stunningly beautiful and intelligent companion from Hungary. Most Central European babes I know tend to be highly intelligent while playing "dumb" for absolutely stupid shallow males. I am shocked sometimes how why these gorgeous women stand for such stupidities. Several months ago I was in a local pub (in Central Europe) and saw this babe who looked really familiar to me and her stupid male companion spent most of the time talking "football" and watching a big screen with another male friend as she sat there sipping tea. I have seen this before here.

  8. Tribosi says:

    Well I have lived in one of the big university towns (cities) in Hungary on two different occasions and as a university student I renamed the city we lived in "Hard-on City." Out of 10 people (randomly on city buses) 8 would be gorgeous babes. And I lived in that same city last year as a university teacher and it was still 8 out of 10.

    As for Prague it is beautiful both in babes and culture. People always call it the "Paris of Eastern Europe" and I always correct them with "No. Paris is the Prague of the West." Absolutely beautiful city and hopefully someday I will either visit again or even move there.

    Thanks for the links.

  9. michael_kiz says:

    Damn... she is hot with a nice ass !!!

  10. admin says:

    Haven't seen such good conversation here yet :)

  11. daywalker says:

    I'm from Hungary and I can assure there are lots of fine ass babes in here. When I'm not out there picking up ladies myself I always check the internets for some alternative action, ehhe. Therefore I'm a bit disappointed with the promise of natural breasts in this one. She's definitely hot anyway.
    Which city did you stay in, Tribosi?

  12. Steve says:

    Čzech, or not, that Cock in her ass and I am talking about marrying her...

  13. Tribosi says:

    Jo Regelt daywalker

    Well not to advertise the name of this city... I will call its by its official nickname in Hungary as the "city of Sunshine". If that did not help then another hint: its on the Tisza. Okay if that does not help then its the city famous for paprika, fish soup and Pick salami.

    But Daywalker as you know any major university city here in Magyarorszag is a babe magnet. And with Hungary's genetic diversity from thousands of years of invasions and migrations Hungarian women are beautiful outcome of that genetic fusion. I am still in this country, but do not "date" because I usually work all day and pass out by the time I get home and then back to work.

  14. yoyo says:


  15. vaquita says:

    gotta love this babe.

  16. Lkj says:

    Well still Slovak girls > HU :P

  17. daywalker says:

    Hahaha, no, I wasn't gonna ask that. But I definitely know which city you're talking about. I'm studying in the capital and I can agree on that. Well, enjoy your stay and everything this country has to offer. ;)

  18. tribosi says:

    Hey Daywalker

    Enjoy the Monday holiday and I bet you are preparing for exams. I wish you the best in your studies. I would write in Magyarul, but my grammar sucks.

    Just a side note "its the season of white see through pants with thongs." Its amazing seeing some "hot young babe" walking in white ... nearly transparent ... capris with a thong on or the short short mini skirts. And sometimes old women too... lol. And its been this way for decades. Gotta love the place. When I studied in "Hardon city" some days I would step out of my flat and go "why the hell did I move to this polluted, smelling backwards city" and then a babe or three would walk by and I would go "oh yeah that is why!" Oh and I have heard and seen (years ago for a two day trip) that the big university city west of "Hardon city" has even more hot babes by percentage. Having traveled through Budapest for many years I just got to say I love that urine smelling, loud, bullet ridden building, polluted city too with all its very horny hot babes.

  19. Pete says:

    [quote]Tribosi Says:
    Most Central European babes I know tend to be highly intelligent while playing "dumb" for absolutely stupid shallow males.

    I am shocked sometimes how why these gorgeous women stand for such stupidities.[/quote]

    Why these "highly intelligent" women would rather have their brains fucked up (not to mention their asses) Than to used that intelligence for something else is indeed shocking.

  20. Lkj says:

    Ok, tribosi , still hungarian REAL HUNGARIAN are from Asia..

  21. Lkj says:

    I know it , well i don't like them at all . here where i live ( north Slovakia) -
    names like Szutor etc...
    last question , tribosi where are you from?

  22. Tribosi says:

    Northern Slovakia is nice. I am hoping to go on a hiking trip this weekend somewhere in the Carpathian mountains.

    Where am I from? Originally? My home which I miss dearly and every second is .... well I actually do not wish to say directly. My homeland is often lost in what could be called the "Terra incognita." Its a land that was once its own independent country (for a very short time) until the American imperialists (using Manifest Destiny) sent white settlers to change the demographics. My homeland then (1840s) was divided by the British Crown to the north and the American imperialists to the south. Our collective history then was "white washed" by American education which present that the land was empty before the Western Europeans settled. Then the American propagandist history books omitted the histories of Native Peoples, "Blacks", Asians, women and Europeans that did not fit into the Anglo-American imagine. Then the school books omitted the histories of the labour movement and anarchists that fought the corporate elite at the turn of the 19th century. So where is my home .... at the edge of the worlds .... where civilization ends ... where the north Pacific kisses the "turtle island" (North America) .... where temperate rainforests are an all embracing moist loving Mother ... where snow capped mountains and active volcanoes form part of the Ring of Fire .... I miss my home and damn those that forced me into self imposed exile! But at least I am surrounded by beautiful women and momentarily just seeing a beautiful vixen in tight short shorts will make me forget the pain of memories lost. But that is merely momentary. For the mere breathing of the rain soak air of my land and being in a forest where life abounds ... where a nocturnal hike through a forest is pure bliss... these are a great sacrifice that I wish I had never had to make.

    The mountains and forests of the Carpathians I have heard look much like my home (minus the Pacific). I was seriously thinking of looking for a job in Slovakia for next year.

  23. Favacho says:

    I didn´t know Stoya, she is good.

    Check this out.


  24. tribosi says:

    Stoya is ..... beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. I just hope she can handle the pressure and the growing fame and if not then take a break and regroup. She is a beautiful person not just a hot newbie pornstar.

  25. Peter says:

    Die kleine Maus hat einen hüpschen kleinen Knackarsch mit einem süßen engen Polöchlein, das Sie sich auch schon geil durchficken läst. Aber die Silicontiten sind nicht mein ding.

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