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Cast: Ann McCormick, Holly Wiltshire, Lara Latex, Lianne Young.
North England's resident amateur filmmaker, Freddie, has again been hanging
around outside the local sixth form college to offer the student's money to
fuck on film for him. In Freddies British Sluts 8 (also known as Freddies
English Fuckers 3), he can't believe his luck this time though, because he
first manages to snare his best mate's daughter. Visiting his friend's
house for a pre-arranged drink, he finds that his mate has been called away
on business, leaving only his eighteen year old daughter, Holly, at home.
Still in her school uniform, she invites Freddie in - and soon agrees to
earn a little pocket money in a hot fuck session. Local newspaper reporter
Leanne has heard that Freddie makes amateur porn videos, and arranges to
meet him for an interview. Freddie only agrees if Leanne will strip off for
a little sexual action for his camera! Hearing about Freddie's antics with
their students, the college sends a young teacher around to meet Freddie and
warn him off. However when Lara, the teacher, hears what the girls are paid,
she soon has her clothes off to let Freddie fuck her on film himself!
In the final segment, Freddie lucks out again as young Sarah's car breaks
down. In exchange for a good arse fucking, she soon makes the money for the
repair! Another excellent amateur effort from Freddie, which just shows
what you could do in your area with a digital camcorder and a bad reputation!

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  1. SQ says:

    this movie is more a comedy than a pr0n. whats that for a tool the guy is using to simulate cumming? never laughed so much while watching a movie :P

    just wondering how he could get a distributor for this trash.

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