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Bunny and Sheer - Cecilia might look a tad conservative at first glance in the dress she is wearing but things become very enticing and teasing very quickly. The amalgamation of her sheer seamless pantyhose on her amazing ass is a deadly combination. There are moments where she just stands slowly squirming her ass in a slow dance one foot in front of the camera for a study of undulating butt curves. The darkness of her pantyhose crotch becomes completely see through when she spreads her ass in your face giving a wonderful tease complete with winking anus under shear fabric. She spends a good amount of time squatting backwards right on your face with her anus seen prominently through the pantyhose. In the last few minutes she teasingly lower and raises her pantyhose over her ass cheeks and we get a fantastic close up intro to her bare ass crack with everything spread open.

She Scott some Good Crack - Ass crack lovers can really soak your brains in some outstanding ass with this all nude posing clip. There’s an abundance of close up views including some shots that go right up her ass crack giving the appearance of being almost immersed between voluptuous jiggling butt cheeks. Her ass hole is quite large and prominent in the picture much of the time. Once again she squats backwards sitting virtually on your face and winking her ass hole. Her butt slaps and booty jiggles are quite intoxicating with the weighty wobble of a nice full ass.

What a Fuck in Asshole - Cecilia fucks her ass with a little black dildo while lying on her side with her spread ass hanging out over the edge of the couch. We get some outstanding close up shots in her moist ass crack every time she takes the dildo out of her ass. Those close up shots are beautifully enhanced with thick pussy lips and a winking ass hole completely filling the screen. For a short while she goes doggy style with the dildo sticking out of her twerking ass. Finally lying on her front we get some of the best close up views in her right in her ass crack while she fiddles with her ass hole and spreads and spanks her ass cheeks.

Beats me - Cecilia has a quick finger masturbation session while squatting front side and hanging her ass off the edge of the couch. It consists mostly of just pussy rubbing while having a very nice view of her ass hanging down in your face.


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