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Policy Brutality - Bellah Finds Out First Hands What It Is Like To Be Held By The Long Arm Of The Law
No one questions authority. When an officer comes to your door you let him in. He says he’s there to check for prowlers, but he seems more interested in checking out your body. His eyes caress your taut body.

Once you’re in his clutches he savors his prey. Your fear, your desperation, your tears, your screams, music to his ears. You’re not a person to him. You’re just prey. Just another victim. Cops are all the same. Letting their authority go to their heads.

Bellah is brutalized, beaten, and violated. She’s doing her best to fight back. It takes a lot to hold it together while her captor abuses her. Finally she snaps. Her body goes limp. The pain no longer registers. She’s been broken. Time to reward her.




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