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: The Calling
"I have always been a respected member of the community. I'm confident. I'm the kind of girl that you would want by your side if you needed to change a tire, make a meal, or cross the plains."
"Men and women alike turn to me for advice. They confide in me. Worthiness interviews have always turned into my Priesthood leaders asking me to counsel them."
"Needless to say, I was completely shocked by Brother Steele's attitude. I have never ever been cross-examined or even questioned."
"Of course I have my secrets. And no one, least of all Brother Steele, could get them out of me. But I had NO idea what lengths he would go to."
"When he began to order me around, I have to admit that it rattled my nerves. I do have to obey. And, even more unnerving, for some reason it turned me on. I had no control over what he was doing and I found that really intoxicating. It didn't make me want to tell him anything. On the contrary, I wanted him to keep going."
"He took all my clothes off. He yelled. He grabbed me wherever he wanted. He pushed me down and shoved his dick inside of me and drilled me into the desk. He flipped me over like I was just a doll. He did whatever he felt like. He came inside of me!"
"...It was so hot."
- Sister Casey Calvert

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