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: Chastised
“I’m a little bit terrified of President Oaks. He’s always friendly to me, but I’ve heard so many stories about him punishing really young girls in the temple. I thought that was all probably just gossip, but I was still nervous around him.”

“I didn’t want to be “alone with him, but he ordered me to meet him in the temple. I took my time getting ready, combing my hair and thinking about what to say to him.”

“At first, I thought I’d lie to him if he asked whether I obey the law of chastity. I didn’t want him to know what a naughty little slut I’ve been.”

“But when I walked into the room where he was waiting for me, I saw that he was sitting right in front of a giant screen playing a video feed from hidden cameras scattered through the temple.”

“He has probably seen footage of me disobeying the commandments. He probably knows exactly what I’ve done.”

“Since there was no use denying it, I decided just to confess and hope for mercy. I’m a pretty girl, so I always get what I want from men. President Oaks is no different.”

“I knew if I flirted with him, he’d forgive me — but I didn't know that he'd pull me down onto his hard cock and fuck me. Now I feel even dirtier than before, and I feel like I can't trust anyone. Even my dad gives me the creeps now if I catch him looking at me."

"But no one knows how President Oaks took advantage of me. I'll never tell. I just hope I don't get pregnant."

- Sister Lily Rader

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