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Stepsis Is The Best Wingman Ever!
Hey sis, why are you back so soon?

Ughh the bar was so lame, you have no idea

Aw what did you do?!

You know I just got upset, I can't believe you didn't want to come out with me!

Well you know, since my break up I haven't been wanting go out much recently...

It's been like 3 months! You have to let yourself have some fun...

We shouldn't be talking about this..

Why not? You can tell me anything... Maybe we can still have some fun..

What? I don't think this is right..

Let's just see what happens...

After my step-sister gets home from the bar, she seduces me into doing things I never thought I would do with her.. Watch her take my throbbing cock and swallow every drop of my cum before our parents get home!




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