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Things Are Different Now That We're Grown
I can't believe after all these years, you finally broke up with her!

What do you mean! You used to talk to so much on her, I thought you hated her!

Well I didn't "hate" her... but let's just say that I'm glad you guys are over.

What about you, weren't seeing some guy recently?

Oh please, honestly I just kept him around to fuck...

Omg sis!! You were using the poor guy! You are so bad!

Oh come on, you're bad too!

I'm no where near as bad as you are! Mom and dad were so worried about sending you off to college... They're just glad you didn't come home pregnant!

LOL shut up bro! ....isn't it weird being back in this room we shared together when we were young?

Yeah it's super weird. Now everything is different, and we're all grown up

Do you remember that weird thing we would do? We'd get completely undressed and show each other what we had...

We were such strange back then sis lol

We should do it again... see all the changes we went through. You know you were the first penis I've ever seen!

No way sis! We can't do that, that's not really something that siblings do... you're joking right?

And you're not curious to see what I look like? Look I'll go first...

But everyone is home!

Then I guess we better not get caught!... Now take your pants off!

I'm shocked that my sister remembered all those times we got naked in front of each other... it's not like we knew any better back then. But now, after a few beverages, I catch myself in a sticky situation with my slut of a sister. She bends over in front of me, teasing me with her pussy as she pulls her shorts down... We stay as quiet as possible to not get caught by our parents as I pound her wet cunt! This is not what I was expecting during my trip home from college!




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