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Caught Red Handed, Now Give Me A Handjob And More!
I have a dirty little secret, I have been fantasizing about seeing my little sis naked. She looks like she has perfect natural juicy young tities, and her nipples are always poking out of her tank tops as she walks around the house...and I have the perfect plan to make sure this fantasy becomes a reality.

She has a bad habit of spending her allowance money that our parents give us on stupid shit at the mall, and I'm pretty sure she has been stealing mom's money to help this habit. She also wants a new car, and if mom and dad found out she was stealing money from them, they would never buy that new car for her...

So I decided to catch her in the act, but instead of tattle telling on her....I would use this leverage to my advantage, not only to see her tities exposed....but also to make her do anything I wanted.

Watch how I make her beg to give big brother a hand job. I make her first demonstrate how she would stroke my cock, then she does it for real. You know she starts to like it cause she then shows me how wet her sweet young pussy hole can get as she opens her legs and lets her big brother slide his hard throbbing cock deep inside her till his nuts can't take it anymore, and she opens her mouth up wide to let big brother drain every drop of his warm salty cum down her throat...and she swallows every bit!




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