RK Prime – Survey Surprise

Thursday, November 16th, 2017
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- Survey Surprise
Nobody likes answering surveys, but when a hot teen redhead like Maddy O’Reilly comes knocking on your door with a clipboard in hand, how can you say no? And what if this shy slut comes to your door with cum dripping down her chin? and his wife think they should let Maddy in so she can get cleaned up, and when Brad’s wife leaves the room, this homewrecking harlot starts cockteasing by rubbing her pen on her lips and around her busty bosom. Brad is left wondering what kind of survey question “do you want to spank me?” is supposed to be, but at least he knows the answer is “absolutely!” Next thing Brad knows, Maddy is sucking cock in her purple sundress, stripping to her sneakers, and getting her pussy licked. Then she lets Brad give her his dick in doggystyle and fingers her pussy when Brad gives her a second helping of jizz on her face. So what will Brad’s wife think?


Petite – Loving That Tight Little Pussy

Saturday, November 4th, 2017
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- Loving That Tight Little Pussy
Sexy and tiny babe Piper Perri may be a petite girl but she has a large appetite for sucking and fucking a large cock! She can take it all and is eager to do it over and over until she is completely satisfied with how much she cums! makes great use of her flexibility spreading those legs and lifting her up while he drills away fucking her beautiful wet pussy. Piper wants to taste the outcome getting on her knees for Brad to give her every drop of his sweet hot cum!


Seduced By A Cougar – Brenda James

Friday, October 27th, 2017
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has finished her career as an art teacher, so now she’s finally gearing up to open her own gallery! But she first wants to get a painting completed, so she calls over her former art student Brad to pose as a model for a portrait. But once he’s there, she can’t quite get started; something else is bothering her, and she can’t quite put her finger on it. But when she’s in the bathroom trying to calm down, her finger finds exactly where it needs to be — down her pants! She pumps herself up to go tell Brad all she really wants is to fuck him. And when she does, the feeling becomes mutual!


New Sensations – Olivia Is Cute And Wants Cum Porn Style

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
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- Olivia Is Cute And Wants Cum Porn Style
Cute Olivia just cannot get enough of porn and really wants to get fucked "porn Style" but she is not so sure she is flexible enough.


Happy Tugs – Naughty Finish With Nari

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
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- Naughty Finish With Nari
Picture this… it’s the end of a long week, you’re up to your neck in stress… what could be better than taking a load off and getting a massage? How about a massage from a nice girl? Yeah, a nice girl with nice, full tits peeking out of her top, and a denim skirt so short you can almost see her curvy ass. Well, you should meet sexy long-haired Asian Nari Park. She’s the kind of girl who’ll oil you up and look cute doing it. Plus if you’re lucky, she’ll slide her hands up your legs… all the way under your towel. And for some extra cash, she’ll strip down to her blue bra and panties, take out her pretty breasts, give you a handjob, then suck your cock and do the balls too! But Nari goes that extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied by letting you slide your dick up her tight little pussy and fucking her on the massage table. Don’t you deserve that kind of tender treatment?


Porn Fidelity – Hard Justice

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017
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E709 - Hard Justice
A killer is on the loose, with Nikki and both chasing him. Brad thinks the only way justice can be served is by killing him, but Nikki thinks the authorities should take care of him. The only way to settle this argument is by fucking the other's brains out, sometimes, Justice is Hard!


Big Naturals – Special Delivery

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017
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- Special Delivery
Busty babe Sloan Harper receives an order of new bikinis from her delivery man, . She’s excited to try them on, but disappointed that all the tops are way too small for her, no matter how much she tries to adjust them on her huge tits! Brad rings the doorbell again to tell Sloan he has delivered the wrong package, having mixed up the box with a neighbor's order. Sloan insists Brad stick around to see how the tops are fitting, and Brad can’t help but get hard at the sight of her sexy curves. Sloan catches Brad jerking his cock, and after all the teasing and tempting she decides to let him take a break with a wicked blowjob. Next Sloan rides Brad’s dick and thrusts her hips into him for some hot doggystyle that makes her big tits jiggle. But for Brad to make up for his blunder, he’ll have to give Sloan what she desires most: a big cumload all over her beautiful funbags!


XL Girls – The Pickup

Saturday, September 16th, 2017
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- The Pickup
Roxi Red needs a lift home. She also needs a full-time bodyguard, judging from the way she looks, but that's another story. Walking on a deserted road, Roxi thumbs it, a vision of unreality, but Roxi is real, totally real, one of the biggest-breasted women in the world! A presidential convoy would stop for Roxi but Brad beat everyone to it and offers to drive Roxi to his place so she can call for a ride to her house. Roxi's heard this line before, but she's game for some cock so they drive off. They're not big on small talk and seduction. Brad makes a beeline for Roxi's gigantic tits as soon as they walk into his place. Each boob is three times as big as his head! Roxi makes his cock disappear with the greatest of ease.


Seduced By A Cougar – Brandi Love

Friday, September 15th, 2017
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Rice, rice, baby! All wants is for people to do their fucking jobs, and do them right, but she can't even get the rice she ordered with her food to be delivered to her! This debacle comes after she already learns of trouble she's having with the house she's trying to close on, and it certainly isn't helping because she's fucking HANGRY. And when the delivery guy just shrugs his shoulders carelessly, it proves to Brandi they they really are young and dumb these days. But are they full of cum? The cougar's about to find out! She needs to satisfy her appetite somehow, and his meat stick will do the trick! Brandi practically sucks the meat right off that boner before she slides it between her big tits and then rides the delivery guy like he's in some kind of porno!


Sneaky Sex – Lunch Served Raw

Sunday, August 27th, 2017
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- Lunch Served Raw
Horny coed Megan Rain is home from college, and she’s dying to fuck her friend . Unfortunately, her mom is home too. Megan loves showing off, so when her mom isn’t paying attention, she video calls Brad, pulls up her top, and flashes her pretty titties and pussy! Brad can’t believe his eyes, so he cums right over for lunch served by Megan’s mom, followed by afternoon delight: sneaking off to asslick Megan. Then Megan slurps up Brad’s big cock, getting it all wet for a doggystyle pounding. These two wound-up college kids fuck every way they can, until Megan asks for dessert all over her pretty face. It’s a yummy nooner, but will Megan’s mom find out and scold her dirty daughter? It’s one hot afternoon in the suburbs for this naughty duo.

Pornstars: Megan Rain, Brad Knight


Velvet Ecstasy – Sibling Curiosity

Friday, August 18th, 2017
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- Sibling Curiosity
Cadey is back and she brought with her a new boy toy in the form of . She in a special mood and wants to fulfill one of her dirty fantasies. She catches her step brother sleeping with a big hard on. So she begins to stroke and suck his cock until he wakes up shocked. But gets into it when Cadey plays shy. Soon they are fucking like rabbits. Let's hope they don't multiply like them too.

Pornstars: Cadey Mercury, Brad Knight


Sneaky Sex – No Fucking Around

Saturday, August 12th, 2017
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- No Fucking Around
is over at his girlfriend, Sofi Ryan’s place. Sofi has been really horny lately and can’t help but want to suck her boyfriend’s cock any chance she can get! These horny college students have been looking forward to fooling around and having some naughty fun, but Sofi’s dad wants to keep an eye on them! He joins them in the living room and crashes their party of two. But will these two sex fiends find a way to play with each other without getting caught with their pants down? Or will Sofi’s dad catch his daughter with a dick deep inside her?

Pornstars: Sofi Ryan, Brad Knight


Tonights Girlfriend – Hadley Viscara

Friday, August 4th, 2017
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I love scheduling some time with the new girls. Lucky for me, is as new as they come. She stops by my room and shows me that she may be the new girl on the block, but she has the moves of a pro.

Pornstars: Hadley Viscara,


New Sensations – Hotwife Raven Gets The Right Guy For The Job

Friday, August 4th, 2017
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- Hotwife Raven Gets The Right Guy For The Job
A couple’s sexual desires take shape when they agree that a trustworthy friend is perfect for the task. Brad finds Raven masturbating outside eagerly waiting for her cock dressed in perfect lingerie. Happy to see him he quickly blindfolds her and states that she would not see him anymore as long as his cock is buried deep inside.

Pornstars: , Haven Rae


Monster Curves – Pilates

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017
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- Pilates
Sexy teen Giselle Palmer is working on her pilates in the comfort of her private gym. Giselle stretches out her long legs while looking hot as fuck in a bright pink tank top with very short booty shorts. While Giselle is busy working up a sweat, her personal trainer can't help but want to get closer to this curvy cutie! With her big round ass right up against his crotch, Giselle is pleasantly surprised by Mr. Knight's hands on approach! In order to keep the beautiful Giselle in shape and focused, Brad slaps her ass to which this sexy slut let's out a moan of pleasure! Brad really wants to make sure that Giselle has the right form needed to properly do pilates! When Brad's raging boner pops out from his shorts, the beautiful Giselle is pleasantly surprised by his massive cock! That's when Giselle is ready for her serious workout--by dropping to her knees and sucking Brad dry! This sexy slut puts her dick sucking lips to good use before Mr. Knight pounds her pretty pussy while making her perfectly natural boobs bounce! Now that's how you sex-ercise!

Pornstars: Brad Knight, Giselle Palmer


Round And Brown – Street Twerker

Saturday, July 8th, 2017
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- Street Twerker
was excited to go see his sexy friend Honey Gold in action at the park. Honey's been known to put on a show for some pedestrians in hopes that her booty shakes will help her college funds. Brad's always wanted to fuck Honey, but I couldn't help but think he was stuck in the friend's zone. Brad talked about how sexy this tight cutie was, and when I got a glance of her, I was immediately sprung! Honey was wearing a skimpy but tight outfit that showed off her bootylicious body. She was just about to wrap up for the day, but offered to give us a free show of her amazing ass in action! Honey twerked for us, showing off that fantastic ass of hers. Brad offered to give her some money to help from college and promised her a big tip if she was willing to come back to our place--the big tip being his dick, of course! Honey, eager to pay her college tuition, got to work by twerking on Brad's cock while she rode his dick and showed off how well she can suck too by practically vacuuming his dick right off his balls! Honey Gold is one of the hottest chicks we've ever had the pleasure of seeing getting fucked, so be sure to look out for this street twerker in the future!

Pornstars: Brad Knight, Honey Gold


Round And Brown – Hot Maid Big Ass

Saturday, June 24th, 2017
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- Hot Maid Big Ass
Osa Lovely is one of the hottest maid's you'll ever have the chance of hiring to clean your house. She's bending high and low to clean the house, teasing her delicious booty and succulent cleavage. After spending all day cleaning, the only thing Osa wants to do is get down and dirty! So when her boss Mr. Jason brings his buddy over after the gym, and theyÄŹĹĽËťre greeted by his hot, curvy maid, Ms. Lovely, Brad can't help but stare. Osa loves the way Brad looks at her, tempted by her beautiful body and the thought of his friend's hot maid sucking and fucking his big cock gets him instantly hard. Good thing for Brad, Osa's dripping wet and having a serious craving for cock! When Brad's friend realizes he forgot his phone and has to go back to the gym to get it, Osa sees this as an opportunity to seduce Brad and get the dick she desires! But will the lovely Osa get caught fucking around on the job or will she be able to finish cleaning Brad's dick of his cum?

Pornstars: Brad Knight, Osa Lovely



Friday, June 23rd, 2017
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Betrayal (2017) WEB-DL 540p SPLIT SCENES

Cast: , , , , , , .


Porn Fidelity – Bounce to the Rhythm

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017
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- Bounce to the Rhythm
When Brad is stuck in his studio with a bad case of writer's block, there's no better cure than a big tittied MILF! Alexis comes over and gets to work on laying down some beats of her own his thick shaft. She rides his dick until she squirts and sucks him off to get a huge load in her mouth to swallow.

Pornstars: Alexis Fawx,


RK Prime – The Right Size

Thursday, June 15th, 2017
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- The Right Size
Shopping gives most women great pleasure. It's relaxing, fun and always an adventure. But when impatient customer Naomi Woods can’t find anything that seems to fit her needs—she's disappointed in the customer service she's not getting. That's because what slutty Ms. Woods really wants is some dick! Naomi decides to put her perky tits and perfect ass to work—by seducing the salesman, ! Will Mr. Knight succumb to the sexy seductress that is this demanding customer? He does have other clients in the store so Naomi's needs are going to have to wait--but this horny babe wants that cock and fast! But will Brad's dick be the right size to stuff Naomi's dripping wet pussy? Or will Naomi Woods need to keep shopping for a big cock until she drops--to her knees that is!

Pornstars: Brad Knight, Naomi Woods