Euro Sex Parties – Our Euro Sex Trip

Thursday, January 4th, 2018
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, And - Our Euro Sex Trip
and his girlfriend Julia De Lucia are vacationing in Barcelona. While they’re sightseeing around the city, Julia keeps teasing Erik, flashing him her tits and perfect ass! Then, she drags him into a park where she sneakily sucks his dick! The hot Euro slut just keeps getting hornier and hornier so, after getting her dripping wet pussy pounded by Erik’s big hard cock in an alley, they decide to go back to the apartment they rented to continue fucking! When they get there, they’re happily surprised to find the landlady, Francys Belle in the middle of a threesome with Aysha and ! Francys immediately invites the couple to join them, which they’re more than happy to do, turning the threesome into a hot orgy! After all, the more the merrier! This is why Euro Sex Parties are the best!


Analized – Tag Team A Huge Cock

Saturday, December 16th, 2017
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And - Tag Team A Huge Cock
Young all natural brunette Kristy Black is showing off her tight body and shapely ass. She tells the camera man all the things that turn her on when it comes to sex. During this interview she is distracted with the sounds of someone getting fucked upstairs. Kristy can't focus on her interview and needs to go take a look. Daphne Klyde is caught getting fucked by a huge cock in a bedroom, and Kristy couldn't be happier with what she has found. The horny European beauty begins to tough herself and spy on her fried. Once Daphne Klyde starts to get fucked up the ass, Kristy can't resist anymore. She needs to feel that huge dick stretch open her tight young fuck holes. Kristy seduces the man out of the bedroom for some intense anal pounding of her own. Once both women have been given enough orgasms to turn their assholes inside out, the man puts them side by side on the bed to have his way with their tight pussy's, assholes and wet mouths. The threesome goes at it until both ladies anal cavities are stretched to the extreme and their big cock dumps his cum right into Kristy's slutty mouth for her to cum swap with her slutty anally fucked friend.


Mikes Apartment – Vacation Squatting

Thursday, December 14th, 2017
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- Vacation Squatting
finds himself having to deal with a vacation squatter when he see Lucia Fernandez sunbathing on his balcony. She is not the tourist he rented his spare bedroom to and he has a strict no guest policy. As he approaches Lucia to confront her, he realizes the hot chick is busy masturbating on the lounge chair! She stops when she sees him and immediately tries to talk her way into a free stay! Then, the Euro babe strokes Erik’s big hard cock while suggesting another way to pay… She has two very convincing (and massive!) arguments, which she uses to titty-fuck Erik before putting her cock-sucking lips to good use! Erik invites her inside the house, but the horny slut wants to stay outside! So, Erik gets a taste of Lucia’s dripping wet pussy before fucking her brains out right there on the balcony!


Euro Sex Parties – Poolside Pussy Persuasion

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017
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And - Poolside Pussy Persuasion
is vacationing in Europe with his friend . They spot Euro babes Clea Gaultier and Paola Guerra chilling by the pool. While Erik and Alberto watch them, Clea and Paola take off their bikini tops and rub oil all over their perfect tits! Then, the gorgeous blonde and sexy brunette cool off by splashing water at each other! To Erik and Alberto’s delight, the two hot sluts start making out and licking each other’s nipples! When they notice the two men looking at them, the horny beauties approach them. Turns out the girls are super horny and are happy to see two big cocks they can suck and fuck! This leads to a hot poolside orgy that is guaranteed to make you consider planning a trip to Europe in the near future!


Analized – Ass Fucked Harder Than Ever Before

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017
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- Ass Fucked Harder Than Ever Before
Riley Nixon loves to show off her big natural tits and perfectly sculpted ass. Today she is blessed with the huge cock of . Riley knows Erik likes to fuck, and likes to fuck hard and rough. She is excited to be pounded harder than she ever has been in her whole life. Riley teases Erik with her sexy lingerie and perfect body in order to get him worked up. When she finally lets him at her, he is excited and not holding anything back. Riley Nixon holds on for dear life while Erik pounds her asshole. It looks as if a train is running through her body. She cums and screams with delight as she experiences true anal destruction. Erik fucks the young blonde deep and gapes open her hole. Riley lets him have his way with her anal cavity until he wants to shoot his load up her ass. She giggles, finally feeling like the true anal slut that she is.


Mikes Apartment – Water Damage

Sunday, October 29th, 2017
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- Water Damage
Redhead Hungarian beauty Shona River loves to shower… specifically, she loves lathering up her lithe body and masturbating her pretty pink pussy in the warm water. Unfortunately, her slit isn’t the only thing that’s leaking: her shower is dripping water into her neighbor ’s apartment. When her neighbor comes upstairs to complain, he finds out Shona doesn’t have any insurance to cover the damage, but this dirty girl knows another way she can cover the expense… by showing off her perky tits and letting Erik lick her pussy. Then Shona slides to her knees and gives her neighbor a sloppy blowjob against the wall, before climbing on his dick. Shona’s hot Hungarian pussy is soaking wet as she takes an intense doggystyle fucking, then her neighbor dumps a nice thick cumload between her lovely pink lips. Her neighbor forgives Shona, but will she be able to come up with a naughty way to get him back upstairs?


Analized – Asshole Destruction

Thursday, October 12th, 2017
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- Asshole Destruction
Blonde tattooed anal slut Dahlia Sky shows off her petite all natural body. She knows what guys want from her and she wants the exact same thing. Dahlia loves big cocks filling up her tight pussy and asshole. She wants to feel her tight backdoor stretched open and gaped after a huge cock pounds into her rough and hard. She can take it and she knows it. The harder and rougher the better. Dahlia's dick for the day arrives to give her the ride of her life. He pounds her pussy up against the glass. After her legs are week from cumming, Dahlia is dragged to the couch to work open her tight asshole. She rides the massive cock with her asshole before bending over to take it even deeper. Once both her ass and pussy are swollen and used up, she is thrown to her knees so her pretty face can be covered with cum. Dahlia feels like a good whore and is able to go home happy.


Mikes Apartment – Deep Discount

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017
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- Deep Discount
Cherry Kiss arrived at Mike’s Apartment in a bit of a funk, with a suitcase in tow. Her apartment got sold out from under her by a crappy landlord and she had nowhere to stay. Sympathetic to her ordeal, was more than happy to negotiate a discount, especially for a lady in distress like Cherry. Happy with the prospect of saving a few nights’ worth of rent, Cherry showed off her bartending skills while preparing Erik a drink. When she accidentally splashed seltzer all over herself, she took off her shirt, revealing her perfect perky tits! That’s when Erik had an idea and offered her an additional discount if she would let him watch her masturbate in the shower. Cherry agreed, but when she saw how big Erik’s cock was, she just had to have it inside of her… if he agreed to a deeper discount that is! How could he say no to the smoking hot blonde?! That’s how Cherry Kiss sucked and fucked her way to a free stay at Mike’s Apartment!


Euro Sex Parties – Group Discount

Sunday, September 17th, 2017
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- Group Discount
and his friends and are vacationing in Europe where they are supposed to share an apartment with Rebecca Volpetti. When they show up to her place, they find her masturbating in the living room. Far from being shocked by the intrusion, Rebecca gives them a tour of the place before sneakily sucking ’s cock in one of the bedrooms. Then, the horny slut ventures into the living room where she teases her ass to Raul! While Raul plays with her butt plug and fingers her pussy, ’s big cock keeps Rebecca’s mouth busy! When Erik eventually catches them, Rebecca invites him to join the fun! With three cocks to take care off, Rebecca has her hands, mouth and holes full as a hot gangbang ensues and the guys get her airtight in no time! After all, that’s why she likes giving group discount!


Analized – Blonde Anal Sex Toy

Saturday, September 16th, 2017
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- Blonde Anal Sex Toy
All natural blonde submissive Samantha Rone is curled up on the foot of her master's bed. Her leash and collar excite her as it reminds her that her body is owned head to toe. Her master enters the room and pick his pet sex slave by her leash. He then proceeds to use her as a cock puppet in order to please his cock. The big ass'd slut loves the aggressive fucking and BDSM roleplay. Samantha begs to cum as the huge cock is pounded deep into her tight asshole. By the time she is dropped to her knees to swallow her owner's cum, Samantha's asshole is destroyed. Her tight backdoor is gaping open large enough to fit a fist inside. This anal slut is put away used up and properly fucked.


Analized – 50 Shades Of Aidra

Saturday, August 12th, 2017
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- 50 Shades Of Aidra
Aidra Fox waits patiently on the floor. She is a good little BDSM sex toy, waiting for instructions from her master. He snaps his fingers and brings the all natural pet slut to attention. She crawls towards him with anticipation and excitement. Aidra is gagged. She is then manhandled and tossed around in ways that make her pussy explode with orgasmic delight. She loves to be used as a set of holes to make her master's huge cock feel good. He pounds away at her pussy and ass, bringing him much delight and pleasure. Aidra is dragged all around the room, begging for more the entire time. Once her master has properly satisfied himself inside her asshole, he slams into her tight young pussy until he is ready to fill his personal fuck hole with cum. Aidra Fox sits with a pussy full of cum and a smile on her face, only wanting more.

Pornstars: Aidra Fox,


American-Pornstar – Infiltrate Proxy

Saturday, August 5th, 2017
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- Infiltrate Proxy is back with an all All-Star Hardcore Lineup! Watch as Proxy Paige takes 2 MONSTER COCKS in All Holes! Double Anal, Ass To Mouth, Gaping All of that Nast Shit that Members Love! and waste no time digging her out and shoving their Dicks down her throat! Proxy...

Pornstars: Proxy Paige, Bo Sinn, Erik Everhard


Analized – Perfect Anal Fuck Toy

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017
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- Perfect Anal Fuck Toy
Sexy big boobs Keisha Grey loves to show off her hot body. Her all natural tits are perfectly shaped and accentuate her tiny waste and curvy ass. She shakes her huge tits and tight ass before begging to be filled up. When Keisha's dick for the day is delivered to her she wastes no time. The all natural slut is on her knees gagging and getting messy with her deepthroat skills. Keisha then goes straight to the ass. She mounts her man and pushes his huge cock deep into tight asshole. He ravages her flawless body. Gaping her ass open to show the world what an ass whore Keisha Grey has become. Keisha cums as her pussy and asshole are alternated between. She then opens her legs and tight pussy hole to accept the mans cum deep inside of her. Keisha scoops out the creampie and enjoys sucking as much of his seed off her fingers as she is able to get.

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Street BlowJobs – Along For The Ride

Sunday, July 16th, 2017
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- Along For The Ride
I was out for a drive when I saw Rebecca Volpetti hitching for a ride-or that's what I assumed since she was just walking down the side of the road in the middle of nowhere! Luckily for her, I was willing to help this damsel in somewhat distress. Rebecca told me that she had just finished work early she had some time before she was supposed to call her boyfriend to pick her up. I offered to give her a ride and she hopped into the car--that's when I noticed something strange on her face. Rebecca told me that she just finished having lunch, but something told me that this sexy slut had just gotten fucked moments ago! I figured out pretty quickly that I just picked up one of the hottest hookers I would ever see in daylight—and this horny broad sucks and fucks cock like a professional whore! After getting a sample of what this Russian beauty with her amazing perky tits and gorgeous pussy lips, I put the pedal to the metal and raced back to my place, ready to plow her pussy! Rebecca Volpetti earned every penny—and drop of cum! I can't wait to see this freak in the sheets in the streets again soon!

Pornstars: Rebecca Volpetti,


Mikes Apartment – Online Reservation

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017
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- Online Reservation
Cara Wolf was at the door of Mike's Apartment after booking her room with an online reservation. We were pleasantly surprised by the pretty face that walked through our door because with online reservations you never know what you're going to get! Cara came in feeling tired from a long flight, possibly a little jetlagged. After showing her to her room, Cara sat down so we could get to know this cute brunette better. Cara's never been to Budapest before and is looking forward to partying--because this single lady is ready to enjoy herself! While Cara's eager to unpack and make herself comfortable, she finds the price of her three-night stay a little too expensive. She offers to pay half of the rent but we were hoping to give her a free stay--if she's willing to show off her beautiful tits and ass! Luckily for us, underneath her tank top and denim booty shorts, Cara is one hot fit chick with a tight pussy! This sexy slut suddenly found the energy to get wet and wild! Cara jumped into the shower, ready to get soaking wet with a big cock to suck and fuck for a three-night stay rent free! After watching this wonderful whore rides stick, we sure hope to see Ms. Wolf at our door again soon!

Pornstars: Cara Wolf,


Mikes Apartment – Yoga Teacher Tenant

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017
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- Yoga Teacher Tenant
We couldn't wait to meet the newest tenant to Mike's Apartment. Melody Mae was her name and she was coming to stay because she travels the world teaching yoga. We showed off the beautiful, luxurious apartment that Melody would be staying in and she fell in love with the place instantly. When it came to discussing the rent, Melody was worried that she couldn't afford the place. We decided to give this beautiful babe the opportunity to earn a discount--by showing off her yoga moves! Melody put on her sexy, tight yoga outfit as she teased us by stretching her amazing ass while bending over. We couldn't wait to see her pussy lips up close and personal, so we made her yet another offer for a rent free stay--by sucking and fucking some dick! Good thing that Melody always seems to get really horny after posing seductively through yoga, so she was more than willing to strip out of her clothes and show us how much of a flexible slut she really is! With her perky tits and tight ass, we had the pleasure of watching Ms. Mae teach us how yoga has turned her into a fucking sex freak by getting her dripping wet pussy stuffed by a huge cock! We hope to see her cum and visit again soon because her downward doggy style was absolutely amazing to watch!

Pornstars: , Melody Mae


First Time Auditions – Cleas Dream Cums True

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017
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- Cleas Dream Cums True
Beautiful, girl-next-door Clea Gaultier is a porn enthusiast. She loves watching porn and masturbating to two sexy people fucking on screen. Watching porn just makes Clea's beautiful pussy dripping wet and she can't help but want to touch herself and masturbate. Clea loves to rub her pussy lips and suck on her finger, stimulating the cock she wishes she had driving deep down her slutty throat. Clea's love of the adult entertainment industry is what brings her all the way to Barcelona for her very first time audition. Clea's brought her sexiest outfit, a slutty schoolgirl uniform, to the shoot. She was looking sexy as fuck with her perky tits barely contained in her tied up blouse. Clea was teasing us by sucking on a lollipop so we eagerly wanted to see what she could do with a cock in her mouth! She confessed to absolutely loving cock and porn, so she came to the right place! Clea Gaultier soon went to work on a big dick, putting her lips to good use, determined to prove to us that she has what it takes to be a pornstar. But can this up-and-cumming starlet fuck like a true cock-craving whore? You'll just have to see for yourself!

Pornstars: Clea Gaultier,


Digital Playground – Ass Effect A XXX Parody

Friday, March 17th, 2017
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Digital Playground - Ass Effect A XXX Parody

- Ass Effect A XXX Parody
Liara T’soni may be the Shadow Broker, but even she can’t get Shephard to commit. When Liara calls Shephard out on his wandering ways, a little revenge sex may be in order!

Pornstars: Rachel Starr,


Digital Playground – The Switch

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017
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Digital Playground - The Switch

And - The Switch
Twin sisters Eveline and Silvia play a game of switch-a-roo with ! Can he figure out who's who?!

Pornstars: Eveline Dellai, Silvia Dellai, Erik Everhard


Dirty Masseur – Candy Alexa

Saturday, February 11th, 2017
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Dirty Masseur - - Coming For Candy

Candy Alexa - Coming For Candy
When Russian beauty Candy Alexa gives a massage, not only does she put her entire body into it, she puts her client's cock into all the different parts of her body! Indeed, there is no more therapeutic massage method than the one employed by Ms. Alexa, just one look at her lubed up big naturals and you'll know why!

Pornstars: Candy Alexa,