Baby Got Boobs – Ella At Sunset

Monday, April 16th, 2018
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- Ella At Sunset
Everyone loves watching the beautiful colors of a sunset and with Ella Hugh's stunning red hair and pink lips, she paints a perfect recreation. Watch her outshine the sky in a tiny pink bikini, pouring oil over herself and prepping to get fucked by by the time the sun slips below the horizon.


Big Tits At School – Progress Report

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018
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- Progress Report
Johnny sits down with his son’s teacher, Miss Ryan, to discuss some disciplinary issues. Miss Ryan explains that Johnny Junior has been displaying inappropriate sexual behavior and Johnny feigns shock. He intentionally drops a pencil on the floor so he can look up Miss Ryan’s skirt as she talks. Catching Johnny red-handed, Miss Ryan doles out some dirty discipline to return order to her classroom.


Baby Got Boobs – Powder Puff Girl

Monday, April 2nd, 2018
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- Powder Puff Girl
Watch Jessa Rhodes show off in a tiny pink bikini before stripping it off to get drenched in color. Playful powder artist doesn't hold back as her tits shake off the blue and pink pigments. Finally, Jessa gives Johnny something to really celebrate with a vivid and passionately vibrant fuck.


Real Wife Stories – Horny And Dangerous Conjugal Visit

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018
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- Horny And Dangerous Conjugal Visit
Cock starved convict Abigail Mac is locked up and lonely when she receives a love letter from . Johnny professes his love for her and outlines a plan. If Abigail consents to marrying him, they’d be entitled to a conjugal visit. Abigail enthusiastically agrees and Johnny visits her in prison for some sultry husband and wife time under the watchful eye of Abigail’s prison guard.


Vixen – My First Date With A Couple

Sunday, March 25th, 2018
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, - My First Date With A Couple
It's Evelyn's first time dating a couple, and she has no idea what it involves. She has done some research online but doesn't know too much before trying it out for herself. After arriving at the couple's house it seems to begin more like a...n interview than a date, but it doesn't take long before the three of them are learning new things together and living out fantasies she never thought possible.


Vixen – Sex Next To Me

Sunday, March 11th, 2018
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, , - Sex Next To Me
It's Kendra's first summer back from college and a few high school friends have rented out a house for the weekend - it was meant to be a few girls and a little fun, but it turned into something a little wilder than that. Even though she ca...n't remember all the details, she knows they had a blast. After crashing out and waking up in the morning, she finds herself with some company - one of her friends and a really hot guy from the party the night before. The whole situation really turns her on, and she can't help but join in the fun.Read all


Dirty Masseur – Oily Yoga

Thursday, March 1st, 2018
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- Oily Yoga
Kira is a sexy, flexible yoga instructor, and she’s hired massage therapist Johnny to make a house call after a long day of practice on the mat. When Johnny enters the house, he’s shocked to find the gorgeous Kira bent over as she’s finishing up her stretches. Kira wants a full-body massage, so she applies enough oil to make her whole leotard see-through! Soon it becomes clear that Kira is hungry for more — it’s time to to turn this yoga session into a sexy, slippery fuck.


Baby Got Boobs – Taking A Shine To Her Tits

Monday, February 26th, 2018
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- Taking A Shine To Her Tits
Brenna is kicking back in a neon soaked wonderland, showing off her beautiful glitter coated boobs. After teasing that beautiful body, Johnny can hardly resist getting a taste of what Brenna has to offer. It doesn't take long before Brenna's dripping wet and just begging to be pounded by Johnny's long dong. You could say Johnny has taken a shine to her tits, and the rest of her beautiful body too!


Sins Life – Sins Sex Tour Cali Carter

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018
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- Sins Sex Tour
Sins Sex Tour: Cali Carter!! Cali comes over and her and Kissa do a little strip tease for Johnny on the pole! They start giving him a double BJ before he get the ride of his life from both Cali and Kissa! Johnny takes them over to the bed and the girls take turns riding and filming! He finishes them off with a stack and huge cumshot all over that the girls quickly lick up!


Pornstars Like It Big – Branded By A Babe

Sunday, February 11th, 2018
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- Branded By A Babe
Karma is a tattoo artist with attitude. She doesn't have time for wussy clients like Johnny. He won't stop squirming so Karma straddles him to get to work. But Karma can't concentrate with Johnny's hard cock pressing up on her pussy. She decides to take care of him so she can finally get something done!


Mommy Got Boobs – Parent Teacher Cumference

Friday, February 9th, 2018
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And - Parent Teacher Cumference
Nicolette and Ariella are living the perfect life, or so it seems. Together they’re raising a son but everyone has complaints in a marriage right? Nicolette is a sexy housewife who wants more attention (and fucking!) and Ariella is a busy career woman who wants some understanding (and fucking!). When their son’s teacher (Johnny) requests a private meeting, they set it up at home to accommodate Ariella but she immediately gives a bad impression by being late and consumed with work stuff. Nicolette can’t help herself from seeking outside attention and starts messing around with the teacher. Ariella has a similar desire, except that she manages to get caught. Not one to be a hypocrite, Nicolette isn’t pissed about the infidelity so much as pissed that Ariella has the energy to fuck someone who isn’t her. Well, if that’s what was missing, a big dick, Nicolette is going to make sure she gets it all…and more.


Pornstars Like It Big – The Perfect Applicant Part 1

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
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- The Perfect Applicant Part 1
Ariana is fresh out of college and looking for her first big internship. She’s got all the right qualifications and on paper looks like the perfect applicant. Unfortunately, Johnny is looking for a “special” kind of candidate—one who can handle everything he has to throw at her. After a little hesitation and consideration, Ariana makes it clear that she’s willing to do whatever it takes to land this job—even if it means taking Johnny’s huge dick in tight little pussy.


Brazzers Exxtra – 1 800 Phone Sex Line 8

Sunday, January 28th, 2018
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, And - 1 800 Phone Sex Line 8
To celebrate Madison’s first week at the office, the 1-800-Phone-Sex crew wants to have some fun. When Johnny calls in from his bachelor party, the frisky trio can’t pass up the opportunity. It’s time to make Johnny's last night of freedom one to remember – with a hot and steamy house call!


Milfs Like It Big – Feeling Up The Fashion Girl

Friday, January 26th, 2018
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- Feeling Up The Fashion Girl
Reagan Foxx is a high powered designer who doesn't have time for excuses. When her couture dress is ruined by the sawdust her hired help left lying around, Reagan is ready to rage. Her worker offers to pay for the dress, but Reagan tells him it's above his pay grade. Reagan has Johnny pay her back the only way he can!


Vixen – I Need This

Thursday, January 25th, 2018
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- I Need This
Jade is home all alone studying for her final exams. She is trying her best to stay focused on the job at hand but she keeps getting distracted by a hot neighbor who works out regularly in plain sight. She will be leaving to go back to coll...ege soon, and the thought of not taking the chance of making a move on him just won’t let up.Read all


Sins Life – Johnny And Kissa Strokers

Monday, January 22nd, 2018
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Johnny And Kissa Strokers
Today we get to play with PornHubs new Stroker toys! These strokers are meant for me but I think Kissa had just as an amazing time with them as I did!


Doctor Adventures – Nutjob Nurse

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018
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- Nutjob Nurse
Lily is completely committed to making sure her patient, makes a complete recovery. She heard once that laughter is the best medicine, so she tries her best to crack him up. Unfortunately, her bad jokes seem to be doing more harm than good. Lily decides to change it up a bit - beginning with teasing Johnny with her sexy lingerie. It turns out there is a better medicine out there - Lily's dripping wet pussy!


Pornstars Like It Big – Horny And Dangerous

Monday, January 15th, 2018
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- Horny And Dangerous
Cock starved convict Abigail Mac is on the lam and on the hunt for a big juicy cock. She comes across and gets all worked up watching him work on his car. Abigail needs a sweet release from all her pent up prison passion, but she's running out of time...


Sins Life – Hot Springs POV

Thursday, January 11th, 2018
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- Hot Springs POV
We are on vacation and all alone at the Hot Springs! Kissa starts playing in the waterfalls and lets the water drip down on her pussy making her orgasm! She then sucks Johnny's dick before he fucks her doggy style and busts a load in her tight pussy!


Baby Got Boobs – Paying Up

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018
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- Paying Up
Blair Williams is a young social media starlet, and she wants to find the perfect dress for a night out on the town. At the shop of famous designer , Blair tries on a form-fitting dress and lingerie that highlight her perfect natural curves, and Johnny can’t help but check her out as she struts in the showroom. Blair finds the right outfit, but Johnny’s high prices mean she’ll max out her credit card. So Blair decides to flirt with the famous designer, hoping she can pay for the dress with her plentiful cleavage.