Big Tits At Work – Taking Wifey To Work

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017
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- Taking Wifey To Work
Aubrey's looking to make a career change, so her husband brings her in to give her a taste of office life. He asks employee Keiran to show her the ropes, but Aubrey's more interested in getting him to show her his cock! It's time for less filing, more fucking (and one sneaky footjob, too).


Real Wife Stories – Any Friend Of Yours Is A Friend Of Mine

Monday, September 18th, 2017
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- Any Friend Of Yours Is A Friend Of Mine
Juelz has been living on the lesbian side of bisexual for some time now. But when Juelz' wife introduces her to her new boss, Keiran, they pretend they're just friends as they don't know how conservative he may be. However, this means Keiran thinks Juelz is fully available...and his flirting brings up her old longing for some thick dick


Pornstars Like It Big – Our Horny Lesbian Housemates

Sunday, September 17th, 2017
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, And - Our Horny Lesbian Housemates
Keiran and Cali think they've found the perfect place to live, but this conservative couple's new abode comes at a cost: two hot and horny lesbian roommates named Jessa and Alexis! Keiran is willing to give it a go, but Cali is uncomfortable... not because she doesn't like lesbians, but because she might be one too! Let's see if these four can learn to love living together...


Digital Playground – Wettest Workout 3

Friday, September 15th, 2017
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- Wettest Workout 3
Pounded, soaked, choked and sliding in squirt...Keiran gives Ms. Monroe the sex workout you just can't train for.


Dirty Masseur – Massumptions

Friday, September 15th, 2017
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- Massumptions
Keiran arrives at his massage therapy appointment only to find out that it’s been cancelled because of a family emergency. When he sees a hot girl (Anna Bell Peaks) arriving for her appointment as well, he reveals that all appointments have been cancelled. However, when she assumes he’s the massage therapist filling in, he doesn’t correct her and before long she’s naked and begging for the oil. How does he pull off this bait and switch? Luck and blind confidence. Anna Bell is in for a happy ending she won’t see cumming, but you know how the saying goes: when you assume, you make a yada yada yada use me (and use her Keiran does!)


Dirty Masseur – The Energizer Pussy

Sunday, September 10th, 2017
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- The Energizer Pussy
Reena is a little skeptical about getting a Reiki massage – if there’s no touching or rubbing, what’s the point? Well, some things are far more powerful than the human touch – like Keiran’s intense pulses of energy all over her body. The only thing more intense than Keiran’s karmic powers? His rock hard dowsing rod.

Pornstars: Reena Sky,


Milfs Like It Big – 2 Feet 10 Inches

Friday, September 8th, 2017
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- 2 Feet 10 Inches
Veronica is a horny MILF who runs a consulting business out of her home. She’s decided to remodel her office and has hired an architect to design the project, and lucky for him she has a whole lot more work in store if he’s up for the challenge. Once the horny MILF spots Keiran’s massive bulge through his tight khakis, she can’t focus on anything else (and who could with a dick that big calling your name?!). While he lays out his plans for her office, she makes plans to get laid in her office. It’s not long before this beauty realizes the most important measurements in her office are her 2 feet for his 10 inches.

Pornstars: Veronica Rayne,


Doctor Adventures – The House Call

Monday, September 4th, 2017
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- The House Call
Keiran calls in sick to work to stay home and spend the day jerking off. But when his wife comes home unexpectedly, she wants to take him to the doctor! Keiran refuses, but his nagging wife schedules Dr. Melissa to make a house call. Once the good doctor discovers the problem, she's determined to give his cock the cure it deserves

Pornstars: Melissa Lynn,


Teens Like It Big – Dont Forget To Fuck

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017
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- Dont Forget To Fuck
After Keiran walks in on his stepdaughter, Kimmy, masturbating with his electric toothbrush, he tries his best to handle the situation like a responsible adult should. Though Keiran offers Kimmy his sage advice, she’s only looking for one thing – a taste of his big, hard cock.

Pornstars: Kimmy Granger,


Dirty Masseur – Happy Rear-Ending

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017
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- Happy Rear-Ending
Abella is super excited to try a new massage place after doing some research online. When she meets Keiran, Abella mentions that she is looking for something a little bit extra. Keiran tries to persuade her that it's not that kind of massage parlour, but Abella has some trouble taking a hint. After seeing how Abella cram his engorged member down her throat, he figures maybe this client deserves a little bit extra. Keiran gladly fucks Abella's beautiful lubed up ass, giving her that happy rear-ending she yearns for!

Pornstars: Abella Danger,


Big Wet Butts – Bubbliest Butt

Thursday, August 24th, 2017
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- Bubbliest Butt
Bridgette B is the owner of one nice bubble butt, so it's only fitting that she wants to play around with some bubbles before fucks her booty poolside!

Pornstars: Bridgette B, Keiran Lee


Pornstars Like It Big – The Biggest Whore In Hollywood

Sunday, August 20th, 2017
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- The Biggest Whore In Hollywood
After August shows up to famous director Keiran’s office to audition for a part that’s way out of her league, Keiran assumes she’ll try to take him straight to the casting couch in exchange for the role. Much to his surprise, August barely cares about acting – all she wants is the title of “Biggest Whore In Hollywood”!

Pornstars: August Ames,


Real Wife Stories – Giving It To Mrs Dearmond

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017
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- Giving It To Mrs Dearmond
Keiran has been sent over to his Boss' wife house to have dinner. He thinks it's a bit weird when his boss isn't even there, and he sits down alone with Mrs. DeArmond. Things start to become clear why he's been invited as Dana begins coming onto him under the table. Keiran has never been one to disappoint a gracious host, so he begins munching on Dana's delicious snatch. It would only be polite of Keiran to offer up a deep dicking for Mrs. DeArmond's dessert!

Pornstars: Dana Dearmond,


Pornstars Like It Big – Midnight Cowgirl

Monday, August 14th, 2017
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- Midnight Cowgirl
Angela is out for a midnight stroll, when Keiran spots her. Keiran immediately recognizes Angela, he tries to act suave and she gets into his car. Keiran starts to have second thoughts about this hookup, but Angela is already looking for her next hit of massive dick. She quickly takes matters into her own hands, pinning Keiran down and slurping down his shaft. Angela is determined to get her pussy stuffed, showing Keiran exactly what she means by 'Midnight Cowgirl'.

Pornstars: Angela White,


Pornstars Like It Big – The Second Cumming Part 2

Saturday, August 12th, 2017
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And - The Second Cumming Part 2
After a mind-blowing sex session with Brett, Dr. Lee has begun to suspect she's truly the second cumming of Brandi Love. There's only one way to find out - call up Ms. Love herself for her professional pornstar opinion. Brett's been scheming to bang the beautiful Brandi all along, and together the two show off their best sucking and fucking for the good doctor.

Pornstars: Brandi Love, Brett Rossi,


Day With A Pornstar – Katrina Jade And Elsa Jean

Thursday, August 10th, 2017
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Elsa and Katrina are BFFs and bonafide pornstars. Today the two reveal the truth about what turns them on, gets them off, and drives them wild for one another. Keiran's there to provide them with a hard cock to bounce on, too

Pornstars: Katrina Jade, Elsa Jean,


Brazzers Exxtra – The Allure Of Azure

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017
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- The Allure Of Azure
It's time for Brazzers to discover what makes Vivian Azure so alluring - plump lips, poppin' curves and a flair for fucking in pantyhose.

Pornstars: Vivian Azure,


Pornstars Like It Big – The Second Cumming Part 1

Monday, August 7th, 2017
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- The Second Cumming Part 1
Girl-next-door Brett has got a sex-crazed belief that she's the second cumming of mega-famous pornstar . Dr. Lee has been sent in to cure her of her fantasy, but when he attempts his exam, Brett won't stop putting Brandi's signature moves all over his dick. Can he cure her - or is she truly inhabiting the spirit of the sex master?

Pornstars: Brett Rossi,


Big Wet Butts – Getting Obscene On The Trampoline

Friday, August 4th, 2017
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- Getting Obscene On The Trampoline
Is there a better sight in the world than watching Kenzie's beautiful behind bouncing up and down on a trampoline? Kenzie definitely thinks there is - and it's getting her rear lubed up and fucked deep by Keiran! Kenzie bounces down on his cock, while the two quickly get obscene on the trampoline.

Pornstars: Kenzie Taylor,


Brazzers Exxtra – The Lap Of Luxury

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017
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In The Lap Of Luxury
Jessa is a sneaky little thief who loves stealing from the rich. Today's mansion is full of jewellery, clothing, money and food! Jessa can't believe her luck! But all that thieving can make a girl sleepy. She wakes up to find the wealthy homeowner - Mr. Lee - standing over her. She tries to run, but Mr. Lee insists she stay. He's surprisingly sweet.. but a little creepy. Turns out his wife is out of town and he could use some company. Mr. Lee tells Jessa to take a bath and then has her dress up in his wife's lingerie. Jessa has never been treated like this before, and she thinks she might like it...

Pornstars: Jessa Rhodes,