Fucking Awesome – Our Little Secret

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017
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- Our Little Secret
Our Little Secret with Jennifer White and step-dad has Jennifer wanting to go to a VIP weekend with her friends but her mom won't let her. So what would any girl do in her situation? Offer her step-dad something he can't refuse, a sloppy blowjob and sex he could only dream of with his wife.


Petite – Cute Spinner That Loves Cock

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017
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- Cute Spinner That Loves Cock
Meet the cutest petite girl we have shot on the site so far, Kenzie Reeves! She has a perfect shaved pussy and talks about how she loves pleasuring herself. She says her tiny pussy makes guys orgasm hard... which we can see why! She loves sucking cock and can never get enough of it which thankfully we got to watch it happen and share it with you all. She is also super flexible and loves to get fucked hard!


Cucked – The Lawyer

Monday, October 2nd, 2017
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- The Lawyer
Janna Hicks and her husband Gabriel got in a bit of legal trouble so their lawyer friend Tommy helped them on their case. As a thank you, Janna made a nice lunch for everyone but she had an ulterior motive. She really just wanted some of Tommy's big dick because her husband's small cock wasn't doing it for her anymore. She lured him into the kitchen and they started fucking right there in the open and she didn't care who saw! Gabriel walked in to Janna getting pounded from behind and Janna told him that she needs some big dick in her life and if doesn't like it, he can divorce her right then and there and she will take everything. She loves abusing her husband and making him watch her get this big cock!


Nuru Massage – Sorority Pledge

Friday, September 1st, 2017
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- Sorority Pledge
Sorority pledge Rina Ellis is tasked with fucking a random dude to join the sorority, so she takes a job at the NURU spa. When the masseuse finally works up the nerve to greet her client in an opened robe, she's shocked to realize it's , a teacher on her campus.

Tommy's fully aware they're both breaking school rules, but he's unsure how to get out of this predicament. Rina has an idea and pulls him into the shower room where she takes off her robe and tantalizes him with her nubile body and pierced nipples. She reasons they can both keep a secret. He tries to object but she takes off his pants and unearths his long schlong. She escorts him into the shower.

His cock stands at attention as she lathers him up and flaunts her cute ass. They go for a soak in the tub where she offers him a blow job. She can barely fit his cock in her mouth so she presents him with her pussy. Tommy gladly helps her fulfill her sorority pledge obligation right away. She stops him before he blows his load so that she can complete the massage. She covers him head to toe in the NURU gel, then makes Tommy flip over. She slides up and down and then swivels around to feed him her pussy while sucking his cock. She slips onto his dick and rides him hard. Then Tommy fucks her sideways till he cums all over her tummy!

Pornstars: Rina Ellis, Tommy Gunn


Devils Film – Jaye Summers – Boffing The Babysitter #25

Monday, August 28th, 2017
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- Boffing The Babysitter #25
Jaye Summers is using Tommy's exercise room while his kids are napping. Tommy comes in and considering how buff he is, she asks him for some pointers. Soon, her sexy ass has something pointing, all right and they are fucking on the weight bench.

Pornstars: Jaye Summers,


Devils Film – Alison Rey – I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend

Monday, August 21st, 2017
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- I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend #03
Tommy is getting shit from his girl friend about being a lazy ass and staying in bed allday. She demands he goes to get a job. But as soon as she leaves for the day, there'ssomeone in the house who is happy Tommy is home: her daughter Alison, whoseduced Tommy into a little fun while her mom goes to work...

Pornstars: Alison Rey,


New Sensations – It’s OK Bailey Wont Tell Anyone

Saturday, July 29th, 2017
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- It's OK Bailey Wont Tell Anyone
Tommy let his step daughter Bailey know her mother was gonna be out with friends and to be called if she needed anything. While out on a walk he had a message to return to Bailey and walked in on her masturbating. After a quick pause she continued getting herself off while he stood and watched. Confused back in the room she laid him back and filled her mouth full of cock.

Pornstars: Bailey Brooke,


Babes – Criminal Passion Part 4

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
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- Criminal Passion Part 4
In the final part of Criminal Passion, bear witness to an insidious affair between the late Senator Montgomery () and Lieutenant Ross (Anna Foxxx). What starts as two eyes locked from opposite ends of a party ends up in the senator's bedroom, as he strips his partner down to nothing. She plays with her tight pussy until he's ready to take over, eating her out with feverish passion. No sex is sweeter than the forbidden fruit of a torrid affair, but even after his lover rides his big dick and takes a huge comshot, will justice ever be served for the senator?

Pornstars: Ana Foxxx, Tommy Gunn


Wild On Cam – Fucking Busty Beauty Britney LIVE

Monday, July 24th, 2017
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- Fucking Busty Beauty Britney LIVE Voluptuous feisty babe loves being on camera and really loves showing off those beautiful firm tits and her tight little trimmed pussy! She teases Tommy with her long legs in her stockings knowing just how to get her fans and Tommys cock rock hard! Soon Britney is on top taking every inch begging for more and more! Tommy can only do so much before he is blowing his hot load all over those jugs! Archive from 7-10-2017 5pm LIVE show!

Pornstars: Britney Amber,


Fucking Awesome – Punishment Fits The Crime

Thursday, July 13th, 2017
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- Punishment Fits The Crime
Punishment Fits The Crime when the crime is stealing and the punishment is anal. Tommy a wealthy business man with limited time finds Adria Rae on The FA Dating App and invites her to his mansion. Things are going well until Tommy catches Adria going through his things and stealing his money. Threatening to call the police Adria begs for forgiveness promising to do anything to get out of trouble. Turns out anything to Tommy means fucking her ass

Pornstars: Adria Rae,


EroticaX – Take Me For A Ride

Friday, July 7th, 2017
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- Take Me For A Ride
Skyla Novea's parents are constantly renting out one of their rooms in their house to many different people. Skyla loves getting to know them. Especially their current tenant . She is drawn to him. He's a biker traveling the country, he keeps to himself and is closed off but she senses a gentle side to him. She approaches him one day and asks him if he can take her for a ride. She is blown away at how free she feel's. The danger in it and how she feels safe with her arms locked around him. It completely turns her on like almost making her cum! She decides to thank him by riding his cock huge cock. Letting him get deep inside her wet pussy. Till he's cumming all over her. Skyla clearly adores all kinds of ride!

Pornstars: Skyla Novea, Tommy Gunn


Devils Film – Julie Kay – Bush League #09

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017
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- Bush League #09

Pornstars: Julie Kay,


Brazzers Exxtra – Bloodthirsty Biker Babes Part 2

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017
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And - Bloodthirsty Biker Babes Part 2
After a feisty fuck session, biker babes Anna Bell and Felicity speed down the open roads in search of freedom. The trouble is, they're being trailed by rival bikers Charles and Tommy. They make it to Felicity's old abandoned clubhouse, but when the guys on choppers catch up, the tattooed broads have got to defend themselves the only way they know how - by clawing, cock-sucking and fucking their way out of trouble.

Pornstars: Anna Bell Peaks, Felicity Feline, ,


Nuru Massage – Weekend Getaway With Daddy

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
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- Weekend Getaway With Daddy
On a weekend getaway at the family vacation home, stepfather shows his teen stepdaughter Avi Love around for her first visit. Tommy doesn't come up much since her mom left. Avi is happy to have her step daddy all to herself. She thinks her mom is such a bitch.
When they get to the bedroom, Avi asks Tommy about the black plastic cover on the bed. Tommy explains her mother used to massage him. Avi offers Tommy a massage, but Tommy shrugs it off saying it wouldn't be right, the massages were naked. Avi points out they don't have to get totally naked. Tommy can't argue with that. They undress except their underwear. Tommy guides her through what to do with the NURU gel, and how to straddle, lean forward and rub with her body.
Tommy can tell she removed her bra. But when Avi says she's always wanted to do this, Daddy Tommy allows the teen her fun. She turns him over and takes off her panties then rubs him with her trim bush. After a seductive blow job, Avi glides her pussy onto his huge dick and sinks down on it. Tommy fucks her sideways and makes her cum. Then he rams her pussy in missionary until Avi begs him to cum on her bush!

Pornstars: Avi Love, Tommy Gunn


Club Sandy – The Lonely Hot Wife

Sunday, June 18th, 2017
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- The Lonely Hot Wife
goes to Alexis Fawx's house to talk to her husband, but he only finds the hot wife, alone. While they discuss on the couch, Alexis tells him that her husband hasn't fucked her in a year! The big tits blonde is so horny that she can't resists Tommy's big cock. Watch the lonely hot wife being fucked hard and craving for cum in her mouth!

Pornstars: Alexis Fawx, Tommy Gunn


Wild On Cam – Cum In My Mouth LIVE

Friday, May 26th, 2017
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- Cum In My Mouth LIVE
Jaye Summers was excited to be here today for you guys and give you an amazing LIVE Sex Show. She was excited to get fucked hard by and couldn't wait to get started. He pounded her in ever position and made her orgasm hard while you all watched and enjoyed it as much as she did! Archive from 5-08-2017 5pm LIVE show!

Pornstars: Jaye Summers, Tommy Gunn


Fantasy Massage – Charley Horse Around

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017
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- Charley Horse Around
Topless Quinn Wilde and are splashing in the pool when Tommy gets a charley horse. They come inside to inspect his hurt leg and Quinn offers Tommy a massage. He lies down on the blow-up mattress and she oils him up with NURU gel.
She takes off her bottoms and slides along his backside in the nude, arching her back and sticking her cute butt in the air. Then she turns Tommy onto his back and jerks him off with the slimy lube. She manages to fit his thick dick into her mouth without choking on it. She swivels her hips to sit on his face and they 69 till she orgasms.
By now she's begging for his cock. Quinn lowers her pussy onto it and fucks it nice and deep. Tommy's sloshes his dick inside her sopping wet pussy as he sideloads her to the hilt. Tommy takes her from behind but his stack is going to blow, so he switches it up and fucks her in missionary position then cums all over her pussy!

Pornstars: Quinn Wilde, Tommy Gunn


Nuru Massage – German Massage

Friday, May 5th, 2017
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- German Massage

Pornstars: Texas Patti,


Wild On Cam – Pleasuring All Her Holes LIVE

Sunday, April 16th, 2017
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- Pleasuring All Her Holes LIVE
Natasha Starr and are ready to fuck hard while you all watch! She is looking hot in her bikini and sexy stripper heels. She is anxious to suck his dick and get him super hard for her. He first fucks her pussy hard and then she begs for him to put it in the ass. She rides his dick till she orgasms for all of you! She then takes a huge load on her pretty face and she loves licking it all up! Archive from 3-27-2017 5pm LIVE show!

Pornstars: Natasha Starr, Tommy Gunn


Nuru Massage – My Muscle Spasms

Friday, March 31st, 2017
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Nuru Massage - My Muscle Spasms

- My Muscle Spasms
Client fills out a health questionnaire and returns it to the NURU masseuse Hope Harper. She inquires about the back muscle spasms listed on the sheet, and Tommy explains he's been suffering for about two weeks. Hope suggests he seek medical attention, since his symptoms are persistent, but Tommy thinks a NURU massage will do the trick. She agrees to service the client, having given her warning, and guides the gentleman client to the massage room. Hope starts of the treatment by dazzling Tommy with a sexy display of her fine form, taking off all of her garments. Next she undresses her client and leads him into the standing shower. She applies soap to his skin and can't help but handle his burgeoning erection. She even lets him touch her even though it's only supposed to be the other way around. They exchange some kisses, and Tommy's cock rises to the occasion when Hope strokes him feverishly with soap. They move into the bathtub where she wiggles her ass on his lap, offering up a delicious view of her bare pussy. Hoping to fellate his throbbing member, she invites him to sit on the edge of the tub. Then she kisses up and down his shaft before taking it in the back of her throat. Moving onto the mat she covers her client in NURU gel. Straddling his ass she drips gel onto her body as well. Then she slides her lithe body along his length, soothing his sore, neglected muscles with the downward pressure of her wet pussy. Ready to service his giant cock, she flips him over and massages it with her oiled up snatch. She sucks him, barely fitting the head of his cock in her mouth. Then she swivels her ass over Tommy's face and they 69 while moaning till she cums. He plops her onto his rigid cock and plunges her fiercely in reverse cowgirl. She goes wild riding him, until he places her on her side and fucks her deeply, trying not to blow his load. But then he sucks on her perky tits and loses it, making a cummy mess all over her tummy tattoos! Enjoy!

Pornstars: Hope Harper, Tommy Gunn