Asian Noodle Slurpers #2

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018
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The yummier it is, the louder she slurps! Morina is a cute and tiny doll with a mousy voice and a sexy mouth. Her tits are large, soft and round and her J-vag is raw and deep and filled with watery J-sap. She hits the J-stick fast and sucks this noodle with no hands and a lot of her tits. Her cooperation is rewarded with a massive cum spray launching from between her tits and all over her face and neck. isn't like all the other girls. She likes bugs and creepy things, including Japanese super vibrators and hair coated penis shafts. Her big tits jiggle and shake, as her sap starts to loosen and flow from deep inside her. She kisses, toys, licks, sucks and slurps her way through a mo...


Tokyo Cream Puffs #6

Sunday, August 13th, 2017
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Things are always creamier in Japan. From real whipped 'nama' cream in your pastries to the precious sappy excrete that flows naturally from J- girls slices; Japan is one gooey place. But perhaps nothing is sweeter than the sight of a large glob of nutritious cum slowly flowing from the still puckering vaginal flowers of young J-chicks.


10 Little Asians #15

Friday, July 7th, 2017
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These little Asians will having you pack your bags and get your passport ready, because they are nothing like the stuck up American women! These girls will suck and fuck you and never complain, or ask you to take them out to dinner! They are submissive little sluts, and they love to please! Enjoy over three hours of some of the cutest Asian whores!