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- Captured 2
Selena, a hot babe with dark brunette hair, pale skin and smoky brown eyes, finds herself at the center of a kinky scenario. She’s sitting on a wooden floor, both hands bound above her head with leather cuffs and chains. Each of her ankles has a chain looped around it, pulling her legs apart. She’s dressed in a black top stretched over her large breasts, the sheer fabric allowing tantalizing glimpses of them. She is also wearing black lace-topped stockings and a lace garter belt, and no panties. She tries to free herself but struggles before she finally succeeds in unbuckling one wrist. She leaves the other bound as she finds herself increasingly turned on by her predicament. Her hands begin to wander, first caressing her breasts through her top, then one creeps inside, lifting it to expose and massage one globe. She circles her fingers around the caramel-brown nipple, tugging on it. After a while, her hand trails down to her shaved pussy and, with her legs splayed wide, she begins to masturbate slowly. She teases her clit and dips a finger in her snatch, working her clear, slick juices over her crotch. Frustrated at being restricted by her bonds, she frees an ankle from its chain, then frigs herself even harder, pumping one, then two, fingers in and out of her pussy, moaning as it slurps wetly around them. As she grinds them against her clit she cums, tits quivering. Sprawling back, she sucks on her juice-soaked digits, and idly plays with the chain at her bound wrist. She may not be free, but captivity has brought her the ultimate sexual release…

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