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- Edge Of The Earth 2
Scorching-hot brunette Maarit stars in an erotic fantasy with a post-apocalyptic vibe. We encounter her in a dry, sandy landscape, as she explores a boneyard for abandoned railroad machinery. Palms protected by gloves that leave her manicured fingers free, she pushes hard against a rusted truck. Her long, dark hair is blown about by the wind, and her tan, slender body is glistening with a light sweat. She’s naked, aside from the gloves, black thong panties, and platform shoes with high, chunky heels. Unable to move the truck she walks to the next one, her sexy body swaying as she goes. This time, with some effort, she’s able to pull it backwards along the rails, flaunting her stunning figure in the process. After moving the third machine, she turns to face the camera, revealing that she’s also wearing a leather muzzle-mask that leaves her mouth covered. She unclips it, spits the red ball-gag from her mouth, and exposes her pretty face. As she stands, relishing a cooling breeze, the camera lingers on her beautiful bare breasts, firm and pert with stiff, brownish-pink nipples. Setting her mask and gloves aside, she sits on the corroded remains of a small railroad truck, and slips a hand inside of her panties. She teases her pussy then yanks the crotch aside so she can rub her slit freely. Next, she peels them down and off, exposing her shaved pussy as she sits splay-legged on the truck and slides a finger deep inside. She pulls it out again to tease her clit, spreading her lips wide apart, but soon she has two digits in down to the knuckle, pumping hard and fast, as she throws back her head in open-mouthed, wide-eyed ecstasy. She pauses to suck on her fingers and caress her tits, then resumes frigging herself, edging closer to orgasm with every moment. She humps her own hand, feet braced against the rusted metal – then she stretches out one long leg, breathing heavily and moaning out loud as her excitement rises. At last she cums and, as she enjoys the afterglow, she splays herself open to flaunt her creaming slit, its bright-pink color in contrast to the dark skin of her inner pussy lips. The sun is setting fast with the sky turning red behind her, and – wearing nothing but her shoes – she exits the scene.

Pornstars: Maarit

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