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Pretty is sitting at her vanity, brushing her long blonde hair. As she gazes at her reflection in the mirror, we see a large, black, cock-shaped dildo on the countertop in front of her. She picks it up and caresses it with her hands, then nuzzles and kisses it. The dildo has a sucker on the base and she positions it upright on the vanity, leaving both her hands free as she strokes then goes down on it, taking it deep into her mouth. Next, she caresses the juddering length with her feet, which are clad in fishnet hose. The next time she licks it, it's to wet it – she's wearing a net bodysuit with a split crotch, and she trails the toy over her slit before easing it inside. At first, just the tip goes in, then she takes it deeper with each push, as her shaved pussy opens up and gets wetter. Soon she’s pumping it in and out, legs raised up on the vanity. When the action moves to her bed she stirs the dildo around, gently rocking her hips and raising her ass up from the mattress. She shifts position, pounding herself sideways on, then kneels on all fours, doggie-style. The fat, black shaft, slick with her juices, is stretching her hole wide open and, as she grinds and slams it in deep, she squirms and bucks her hips until she's cumming – loudly. Even as her orgasm seems to be fading, she keeps working the toy inside of her, maximizing her pleasure. Then, when she's finally spent, she lies back, pulling it out and wiping her juices over her tits and face, then tasting them off of the shaft.

All Black 2 Jun 18, 2017






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