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, - Intimate Punishment 2
This kinky girl-on-girl scene features Chela, a hot Hispanic babe, dominating her lesbian lover Petra, a submissive brunette. Petra is naked, blindfolded and bound hand and foot to a large bed, her long limbs stretched and splayed out. As the camera moves along her body, it captures glimpses of her tattoos, her pert breasts, and her unshaved pussy. Chela, dressed in a revealing thong-back fishnet teddy, is whipping her with a black flogger – but soon the stinging strokes turn to teasing, as she trails the soft leather tails over her girlfriend’s body. Straddling Petra’s thigh, Chela begins to caress her pussy, ruffling her dark pubes then easing her fingers into her slit, juices from Petra’s oozing pink glistening on their tips. Next, Chela slides up to plant a long, affectionate French kiss on Petra’s mouth, and the submissive responds enthusiastically, humping her crotch against Chela’s leg. All Petra can do is moan as Chela sucks on her nipples, before freeing her own breasts from the top of her teddy. Chela rubs them against Petra’s torso as she moves back down, then works them against her pussy, before licking her juiced-up slit. Petra’s snatch is soon even wetter and she writhes on the bed as Chela fingerbangs her and continues to tongue her clit. Another kiss and Chela raises her wet fingers to Petra’s lips so she can taste her own juices. Then Chela kneels over her lover's face, pulling the crotch of her teddy aside as she rides her mouth. She moves rhythmically, her perky rack bouncing as she grinds herself towards orgasm. After caressing and even sucking on her own tits, she turns her attention to Petra’s – but her fingers and tongue are soon drawn back to the girl’s pussy. The pair eat each other in a sixty-nine, Chela’s round ass quivering above Petra’s pierced tongue. As Chela hits the brink of orgasm, she arches upwards again, fingering her own clit as Petra licks and sucks her snatch. Moaning in release, she sinks back on her haunches, a satisfied smile on her face. She caresses Petra’s hair and massages her upper body with a gentle, loving touch, gives her a kiss, then unfastens her bonds. Now that Petra is free, the two girls leave the bedroom hand in hand – but they take their flogger with them, hinting that the kinky fun isn't over yet...

Pornstars: Chela, Petra

Video Preview: https://k2s.cc/preview/34d33c5d1f8aa


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