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Gorgeous Jia Lissa, a kinky Russian babe with a mane of waist-length red hair and pouting, scarlet-painted lips, is checking herself out in a large mirror. She’s naked and flaunting a slender body with small, perfect breasts, flat belly, tight ass and a trimmed pussy with a landing strip of natural red pubes above shaved lips. As she poses, she buckles on a black and white leather collar, then caresses her slim curves. Next, she slips a pink leather ball-gag in her mouth and sits on a chair in front of the mirror, binding her ankles with a length of red rope. The gag makes her drool on her breasts, and she smears saliva on her nipples, and on a large, realistic-looking dildo, lubing the head. Splaying her knees, she trails the toy down over her trimmed bush and uses the tip to tease her slit, as she grinds against it. Soon, her pussy is wet enough to take it and she eases it inside, sliding it a little deeper with each thrust. She wets her fingers with more drool and strokes her clit and tits, breathing deeply as her hips gyrate rhythmically. In close-up, she withdraws the dildo and spanks her slit with it, then crams it back in. Next, she raises her legs up, knees bent, so she can screw herself even deeper with the toy, taking it in to the hilt. Now she begins to moan. She loosens the rope around her ankles and pounds herself hard and fast with the mock-cock, the camera capturing every detail as she cums, squirming on the chair. For a moment, she’s too sensitive to bear keeping it inside of her, and she rubs it over her crotch, from clit to asshole. But within seconds, she plunges it back in her pussy before withdrawing it one final time. She unstraps the gag, then licks and sucks the saliva-drenched ball as the picture fades, her elegant red lipstick ruined…

Pornstars: Jia Lissa

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