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Beautiful walks into a bedroom. Medium height, she’s wearing high-heeled thigh boots that lace up at the back, and a tight black micro-minidress that clings to her curves and barely covers her round ass. Her long, straight, black hair hangs down to her waist. She picks up an LED flashlight from the nightstand, switching it on and testing the powerful beam against her hand – both the shaft and the end light up. She illuminates her pretty face, stylishly made up with pink lips and black eyeliner. Lounging on the bed, she plays the light over her body, up and down her leather-clad legs and over her naked shoulders. Then she tugs down the top of her dress to reveal one full breast and then the other. She lays the flashlight between her tits and massages them around it, pinching and teasing her nipples. Her hand slips between her legs to stroke her shaved, naked pussy – slowly, she moves the light down and rubs it against her juicing slit. The bright lights in the shaft illuminate her pink folds, then the head spotlights her fingers as they plow in and out her hole. Increasingly wet, she works the flashlight against her clit, then slips it inside, using it like a dildo. Her breath comes in gasps as she pumps it in and out, legs splayed wide apart as she fingers her clit. Soon, she is pounding it in hard, head thrown back as she nears orgasm. Crying out with pleasure she grinds it deep, with her cream trickling out and down her ass-crack as she cums. Then, as she withdraws it slowly, the light shines bright on her glistening pink. She plays the flashlight up her body, sucks and licks it clean, then uses the tip to trace her curves. It skims her breasts and belly, then she rolls over, working it against the peachy cheeks of her bare ass…

Light The Way 2 Dec 5, 2017





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