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Gorgeous – pretty with long blonde hair and brown eyes – is kneeling on her bed, playing with a cute, candy-pink bondage rope. She loops it around her neck and knots it along its doubled-up length. She passes the rope between her thighs and along her shaved slit, with one knot positioned over her clit, then pulls it tight into her ass-crack. Then she loops the rest of it around her body at strategic points, accentuating her slim, elegant curves and framing her small, perfect breasts. She knots the loose ends, leaving herself in an expertly tied and very revealing rope bodysuit, then she crawls along the bed to sprawl in a corner, sucking on her fingers before dropping them down to her pussy and pushing the rope at her crotch aside. As her fingertips circle and stroke her slit and clit, she sighs with pleasure. Legs splayed and hips moving rhythmically, she humps against her hand, then brings the other into play. As she gets closer to cumming, her moans become louder, her fingers a blur as they ream her snatch. One orgasm hits but Maria’s not done yet – she turns around, on all fours, the pink rope tightening between her cheeks as she tilts her ass back and up. Her fingers reach between her legs and tease her pussy once more, and she rocks back and forth as they stir her to another cum. This powers through her entire body, right down to her pointing toes, and she almost sobs with relief. As she drifts back down to earth, she caresses her body and the ropes, and looks into the camera, satisfied for now…

Ties That Bond Dec 3, 2017





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