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– a tiny, sweet-faced Mexican babe with soft brown eyes and curly brunette hair – returns home to her apartment block. After collecting her mail, she heads upstairs and along a terrace, where she hears loud, erotic moans coming from a neighbor's apartment. Curious, she peeks in the window. At first, she is amused by what she sees but her giggles soon turn to sighs of arousal as she watches the action unfold. She licks her fingers and rubs her crotch – first, through her cerise sundress, and then through her little pink panties. She pops her breasts out the top of the dress, flaunting perfect, medium-sized globes and stiff, prominent nipples. She massages her tits and raises one to her mouth, licking the caramel-brown nub. Again, she masturbates through her panties until, at last, her hand slips inside of them. She pauses to taste her juices then sinks her fingers back in her pussy, pulling the panties to one side. With just the briefest look around she removes them, exposing her shaved bush. Seemingly worried she may get caught she decides to leave, and squats down to retrieve a magazine she dropped – but this movement opens up her pussy and inevitably, her fingers are drawn back to it, probing and circling. Eventually, a noise from inside of the apartment tells her its time she was gone, and she heads back to the staircase – where she realizes she’s found the perfect place to resume her self-pleasure. Now, she’s so horny she doesn’t need to see a show. With her back braced against a wall she screws herself deep with two fingers. Then she sits on a stair, thighs splayed wide, her free hand playing with her breasts as she frigs herself to an intense orgasm, her breath coming in little moans and gasps as sweet release ripples through her. Once again, she raises her juice-soaked fingers to her lips and tongue, then allows herself a satisfied smile as she finally heads home.

Voyeur Jul 16, 2017





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