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Kinky Ukranian babe is wearing a shiny black fetish dress that clings to her slender curves, with high, spike-heeled pumps that make her tall frame look even more imposing. She is also strapping on a sinister-looking hood, with dog ears and a muzzle. Her fiery red hair is worn in a braid down her back. The action briefly flashes back to her encounter with lover Aislin. Michelle had dominated and spanked the submissive blonde but, when Aislin lost control and tried to lick Michelle’s pussy without permission, the redhead became angry, punished her and stormed out. Back at home, Michelle sits on her bed and removes her shoes. Her hands caress her hood and fitted dress – then, as she lies back on the bed, they stray to her naked ass and shaved pussy.

One Morning Jul 13, 2018





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