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And - Our Story Episode 2 - Touch
Racy redhead Amarna Miller and her gorgeous Greek lover Inna Innaki are discussing a trip to Australia, as episode two of Alis Locanta’s sizzling “Our Story” begins. But when Inna starts massaging Amarna’s shoulders sensually and nibbling her ears, Amarna quits talking and goes with the flow of the sexual energy now coursing through her body. They kiss ravenously and Inna sticks a hand down the front of Amarna’s shorts, which makes her yelp with joy and lift her T-shirt. As Amarna fondles her own breasts, Inna takes off Amarna’s shorts, lubes up two fingers in both their mouths, and slides them deep inside her hairy pussy. Amarna smiles delightedly, her legs tremble, and she pulls her fleshy clit hood back to expose her nub, stimulating it while Inna thrusts her fingers harder and faster inside her. Inna spins Amarna so she can reach around and play with her pert tits and juicy pussy simultaneously, then sits down and pulls Amarna on top of her. Amarna straddles her lap and rides her fingers, crying out breathlessly as she orgasms wildly and collapses into Inna’s arms. Amarna sucks Inna’s nipples as she rubs her through her panties, then tugs them aside to massage her prominent clit. Inna gets naked and hops up on the countertop for Amarna to finger her hard and deep, dribbling saliva down to make her pussy even more juicy. She turns and bends over, sticking out her beautiful ass. Amarna fingers her with one hand and rubs her clit with the other, her ass jiggling as she races towards a powerful orgasm. They kiss and fondle each other lovingly, sated for now…

Pornstars: Amarna Miller, Inna Innaki


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