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Lily Starfire, Cali Sweets, Raven Swallowz – Three Cheers for Country Cock

Cali is taken by surprise when she learns she has a stepcousin from the country. Rion is a bit of a bumpkin, so he’s never lived a city life before, but he’s excited to meet Cali, Lily, and Raven and wants to show them how important family is to him. None of the women were expecting Rion to be so cute, and Lily takes an instant interest in him. Raven senses Lily’s interest, and as the group’s matriarch, she knows she must intervene – if anyone is going to have fun with Rion, she’ll be the first.

When Raven has Rion alone in the kitchen, she pulls his cock out from his overalls and gets to work. She wants to show Rion how city women suck cock. Rion is shocked but excited to make a good impression with his newfound stepfamily. Cali interrupts their fun, but Raven isn’t going to stop sucking. She throats his cock behind the fridge door, hidden from view, and sucks Rion off until he’s pumping cum all over her tits. Cali watches, confused by Rion’s orgasmic reactions. Rion’s fun doesn’t end here. He stumbles in on Lily in her bedroom, and she was hoping he’d show up. She easily seduces the still-horny stud, and it isn’t long before he’s deep inside of her. Raven and Cali catch Rion and Lily in the act, and Raven convinces Cali to join in on the fun. Lucky Rion now has three babes to pleasure, and he knows he’ll have his work cut out for him, and it’ll take all of his stamina and power not to cum too quickly. He powers through and gives Lily, Cali, and Raven a piece of his dick. The country cock down is intense, and they all know they shouldn’t be fucking around. Yet the further they go, the better it feels. Rion fucks hard until he can’t hold his load any longer. When the women have him at his edge, he cums on all of their faces, giving Lily, Cali, and Raven a taste of his nut.

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