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Shrooms Q was walking on the sidewalk minding her own business when this white van pulled up and the goofy dudes asked her if she could recommend some Italian restaurants in the area. She declined and walked faster but they did not give up so easily. There was $100 for declining. And another $100 for a grape. This was turning into a nice sustainable business. $500 for her panties. What? Wait? No! Of course not. So how about $1000? Well that would be completely different. But what if the wind would lift up her skirt when she keeps walking. Only if they drive her home…

Of course they would. On the bus she took off her panties so quickly nobody really noticed. So the boys had to dish out another $1000 to take a closer peek at what they missed. Tony Rubino didn’t want her to feel lonely while showing her privates so he took out his dick too. Yes she was interested in touching it. So she touched it and sucked it. Then they fucked. The bus kept driving as they did all kinds of different positions. She was a very sensual being and orgasmed many times. Tony came into her face and she got off the bus and walked into the sunset.

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