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With a recent uptick of crime in the neighborhood, good samaritan stepdads Preston and Tony do their due diligence and teach their stepdaughters a lesson in observation. The men spy through the window while their stepdaughters are in their room. When they notice the girls kissing one another, their interest is piqued. Harlow and Jessica are spooked when they see someone is spying on them, not knowing it is, in fact, Preston and Tony.

The girls beg their stepdaddies to sleep with them that night, and the men agree. The girls, wearing little more than panties and a bra, snuggle their stepdaddies in bed. Preston and Tony can feel their cocks getting hard as they are both pressed up against their stepdaughter’s asses. When did they get so hot, and are they trying to turn them on on purpose? The girls switch positions so it doesn’t feel so weird, but it just makes everyone hornier. With everyone feeling extremely horny now, they, without a doubt, need to fuck each other. The girls slide their panties down and let their tits come up over their bra cups so Preston and Tony can have a little fun feeling them up. It doesn’t take long for things to heat up, and amid all the passion, the girls want to mess around with their own stepdads a little bit. They initiate a swap and promise to keep this risque fling a secret forever.

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