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ExCoGiGirls – Lena Anderson & Raina Rae – She’s A Natural at This
Welcome everyone to one of the inaugural scenes of what we hope will be an overwhelming Internet hit and sensation. Because yes, it’s that special moment in every young girls life when she experiences her First Time Lesbian love and we’re capturing it in 4K Ultra High Definition for maximum viewing spankabilty. Which also includes all the Picture In Picture (PIP) angles you’ve come to love about us, and our sister sites ExploitedCollegeGirls.com, BackroomCastingCouch.com, BBCSurprise.com and HotMilfsFuck.com. Now that we got the cross promotion shit out of the way we’ve decided to launch with a girl that’s just made her debut over at ExCoGi.com in a very hot a steamy Boy/Girl/Girl Threesome with Melanie Marie, which just happened to be her First Threesome EVER!!! We’re going to be saying First Time Ever a lot with this girl and WOW! Just fucking wow, and as Paris Hilton would say, “That’s so hot,” because this little rendezvous took place just a few short days earlier and was Raina’s First Time Ever doing anything with a girl . . . EVER!!! See I told you I’d be saying this a lot. Well ok, she’s kissed a few girls before and who hasn’t done that right? But what she hasn’t done before is touched another girl’s boobs other than her own, which she did at (9:50) and I believe Raina when she says she’s new to everything. It’s just hot how she caresses Lena Anderson’s perfectly shaped B cups and lightly pinches her nipples. Now I’ll admit that Lena is a little submissive in nature and since mostly all the girls on this site are going to be virgins to Girl on Girl action, or new to licking slit at least, one of the girls needs to be a little pervy and aggressive. Sooooo sensing this, I tell Raina to go down and lick Lena’s nipples and in a true Girl/Girl Newbie way she asked if it was ok before taking her first lick. Priceless, and I just want to eat Raina up she’s so fresh to all this and things sexual with a girl. And with my spidey senses tingling, I told Raina to also touch Lena’s pussy because I new she wanted to and she eagerly obeyed at (11:12) with a very big and satisfying smile that said today’s going to be a good day. I love my life because not to many fiftysomething men get to drive two beautifully hot girls around in his Porsche while they lez out in the back seat. Sweet, I know, and it wasn’t long before Raina’s favorite Sex Toy the Magic Wand made it’s appearance and she turned that thing up to 11 and tortured her clit with it until she had the first of many Orgasms at (14:58) as cars drove by. Now that was hot I’ll admit, but not as hot as the buildup and questions leading to Raina licking her First Pussy Ever at (16:02) and like the title states, “She’s A Natural At This,” and we’re only sixteen minutes into this video and I’ve already blown my load twice! Hotness, and at (19:30) is when Raina gets to feel what the soft and tender touch of what a females tongue feels like as it glides and flickers it’s way between the pink inner folds of her pussy lips. Oh she’s enjoying it all right as she looks down and watches Lena munch on her muff before more toys come out and stimulate her clitoris and love box. This is also the time Orgasm #2 washes over her at (24:26) as the Lush 3 Vibrator tickles her insides and the Magic Wand danced over her clit as afternoon commuters whiz by and could seemingly peer in to see the full naughty display in action. Next it’s off to the bedroom were the girls lick each others pussies some more and do some really hot sixty-nine positions until Raina has Orgasm #3 at (53:35) as she buries her tongue up Lena’s slit while she sits on her face. Epic, and I just can’t keep writing anymore because my dicks to hard and I have to relieve myself again real fast, so I’ll leave you all to it. Cheers everyone, Steve

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