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Portions of it when Jake and Naomi were interviewing the girls in the backseat reminded me of that old show Taxicab Confessions. The producers just put a camera in a few Vegas and New York City taxi cabs and just interviewed random passengers late at night. Very entertaining in a voyeuristic way and if you like that kind of shit then you will like these BTS videos. It’s a fun time and after our version of ExCoGicab Confessions, things started off with Naomi teaching the twins how to suck cock up on top of a mountain in Calabasas overlooking the deep blue Pacific ocean as the sun sets on a magnificent So Cal day. It’s also Sami’s first time ever being naked in public and she’s a bit apprehensive and shy but eventually warms up to the idea and follows her twins lead. It’s also Jake and Naomi’s first time ever having group sex together. That was a surprise to hear and it’s Naomi’s first time to ever fuck identical twins and the bucket list was double checked there for both Jake and Naomi. There’s also a few classic words of wisdom from Naomi the expert cock sucker before heading back which included: “Lots of spit girls, the sloppier the better, crying is good and make the dick yours.” Well said Naomi and the list of first just gets longer and longer here for everyone. There’s also a long car interview leading up to the hike that I didn’t edit much out unless there were long silences so it’s pretty much EVERTHING that was said and did. Next it was back to Jake’s house to get ready for their night out in Hollywood before fun shenanigans took place in a stairwell, a woman’s bathroom and sex toys got hid up the twins twats. Sounds like fun! And the fun doesn’t end there because the next day they were off to Venice Beach for roller blading and fun in the sun. This part had to be majorly cut down because I can’t show people’s faces in public so this part got hacked and chewed up like a buffalo carcass on the Serengeti after a pride of lion’s had it’s fill. Nothing I can do about that and then it was off to Jake’s house for the 5way. I’m in the process of Re-Mastering that and will release it in 4K with more BTS and footage not seen in the original release. It will have the short footage of Naomi standing over Joey and giving her her first Golden Shower after the 5way so stay tuned. So with that I bid you all farewell, sharing is caring and I hope you like this Bonus BTS update. Cheers! Steve

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Jun 2, 2024 @ 5:17

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