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Katrina Colt – Return of the Pain Slut: Katrina Colt

Katrina Colt returns to Kink.com for some rope and pain! To start Katrina stands naked outdoors, tied up in rope bondage with her arms bound over her head. The Pope adds more rope, first around her waist, and then a column tie, one on each thigh. He hoists both legs up and puts her in a full suspension. Katrina gets a ball-gag in her mouth and The Pope proceeds to take full advantage of her exposed pussy. First it’s Hitachi time, and then a good flogging to her stomach and crotch.

The Pope finishes the scene by vibrating Katrina’s pussy and rips out some orgasms. Next, Katrina is on her back, tied up with rope, on a box, with her hips in the air, legs spread wide and her arms bound to a bamboo pole positioned behind her back. The Pope adds some more rope to make sure Katrina can’t close her legs and tests his handiwork with a few whacks to the pussy with the leather flogger. Once he’s sure she can’t move, The Pope finger-bangs and vibrates Katrina’s soaking wet pussy, which only gets wetter the more pain The Pope dishes out. Finally with her wrists tied to her ankles, Katrina is fastened to the box with her face-down and her ass-up, making perfect targets of her ass and back for The Pope to work his magic using his cat o’ nine tails, a flogger, and his bare hands. After that he fucks her exposed pussy with a dildo, then adds the Hitachi to really send Katrina over the edge.

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