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When our friend got her completely naked, even though he is a daddy, he couldn’t stop himself from licking her pussy. That hairy little cunt of hers looks so delicious. And then he wanted to please her fantasy of being restrained by a daddy and put cuffs on her hand while playing with her pussy some more. She loved getting a toy shoved up her twat. But what she also seemed to enjoy was to get her face fucked. She sits there taking the entire dick down her throat as if she has a G-spot in the back of her mouth. Submissive housewives like Madonka are always happy to have their holes used. And when the cock finally was pushing inside her pussy, she got wild. She let herself moan and scream like a whore. Or maybe she couldn’t control herself. She came so many times on that dick before our friend could also jizz inside her pussy. And after all the fucking, she looks like she is hypnotized. She finally got properly fucked!

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