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When you’re a cosplay artist and a hot chick at the same time, you’re sure to gather many fans around you. That’s the story of Satomi, who loves the attention of the nerds who are worshiping her. In this first episode of her adventures, you will see how a private meeting with her fans turns into something dirtier. She is wearing an intricate anime girl cosplay costume and she looks so sexy in it. She also feels sexy, and the lustful attention of her fans is making her pretty horny. Everyone wants to be worshipped like an idol, and she noticed that the more she reveals herself, the more excited her fans are. When she bent over and showed them her white panties for some sexy upskirt shots, all the men got hard. They couldn’t believe their eyes…

But that’s not even close to the blessing that’s about to be bestowed upon them. Satomi got on the couch and spread her legs open. And then she pulled her panties to the side so that her gorgeous and delicious-looking pussy could be revealed. After fingering herself in front of those strangers, she was horny enough to try something even sluttier. She allowed two of the men to come close to her with their dicks out and she started tugging on them at the same time. Then she took turns sucking them. Too bad she has only one mouth. She would have sucked both at the same time if possible. Then she got the men on the floor and went to town on their dicks, sucking and wanking them with a big smile on her face. Stay tuned for more episodes of this dirty cosplay adventure.

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