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Emily First, Britney Dutch – Emily First And Britney Dutch For OnlyTarts

Emily First and Britney Dutch have been best friends since they were teens. They do everything together, except share men. After a few near disasters, they have agreed to completely leave a guy alone if they both like him. No man is worth ruining such a great friendship. They meet up after college, both excited because they have been shopping. As luck would have it, they both met a new guy and are hoping a sexy outfit might catch his eye.

As they describe their new crushes, the girls laugh. They realize quickly that they are talking about the same guy. Rules are rules. This means they both have to give up. But since they bought outfits, they might as well try them on. As they strip to put on their new clothes, they can’t help but stare at one another. There is nothing in the rules about playing with each other while thinking about the same guy. A little nipple play and they forget all about getting dressed up. Who needs sexy clothes when you look so hot naked? Rolling over, they open their legs and start to rub their pussies. Watching each other get turned on is a huge turn on in itself. Their fingers slip into their pussies and they can hear the wet sounds of sexual arousal. It is time to share something for the first time, a simultaneous orgasm. Best friends can get even closer when they find that they share such a strong sexual attraction. Maybe it’s time for a new rule. They can only be interested in the same guy if they fuck him together.

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