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Anna Claire Clouds – It’s Time To Thank Me

Sylvia (Anna Claire Clouds) gets a surprise visit from a stranger (Seth Gamble). He warmly greets Sylvia by name and says it’s nice to finally meet her. Sylvia looks confused, asking who he is and how he knows her name. The man introduces himself as Jake, and he says that she’s already VERY familiar with a part of him… because he donated the kidney that saved her life a few years ago.

Sylvia looks surprised and delighted, saying she never thought she’d get to meet him – her doctor had simply told her that the kidney came from an anonymous donor. Jake explains that he has connections in medical circles, so he was able to find out who received his kidney and then track her down. Sylvia happily invites Jake inside.

Sylvia says she’s glad for this opportunity to finally voice her thanks to Jake – she knows it’s rare for someone to be willing to donate an organ to a total stranger. Jake says he’s glad to hear her say that, because that’s actually why he’s here – he felt it was about time for her to thank him PROPERLY. Sylvia becomes confused and a bit wary, so Jake explains that since he saved her life, she should do something for HIM.

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