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Dana Vespoli & Charlie Forde – A Lie Of Omission

Tanya (Charlie Forde) comes home from work, but is greeted by a shocking sight: there are photos of her with her old girlfriend Julie (Dana Vespoli) stuck to the front door and hanging ALL OVER the living room. As Tanya reels from what she’s seeing, her boyfriend Ron (Ken Feels) approaches her, looking slightly unhinged. Still in shock, Tanya demands to know what this is about. Ron angrily insists he KNEW that Tanya was hiding something about her past, so he snooped on her laptop and found her old photos… Photos that show Tanya in a LESBIAN relationship.

Tanya admits that she experimented back in college by having a ‘lesbian phase’ where she dated Julie. Tanya says she didn’t LIE to Ron about anything, she just never TOLD him. But Ron is still furious, saying that a lie of omission is still a lie. He scolds Tanya, saying that covering it up was just as bad, or maybe even WORSE – she’s BETRAYED his trust and tarnished their relationship. He says that’s why he put proof of her SHAME all over the front door and living room to remind her, but that’s not ALL he had planned. He tells her to go to the bedroom, because Julie is there waiting for them.

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May 23, 2024 @ 4:33

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