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Sweet, seductive fragrance fills the air as Chica Minori – a sexy Ukrainian babe with a brunette updo and sultry makeup – adds scented oil to a black bathtub, turning the warm water a cloudy pink. Dressed in fishnet stockings, a black-lace teddy, and spike-heeled pumps, she struts, waves a large burlesque fan, and admires herself in the mirror. As she bends over the tub, she flaunts her slender, lithe body, then begins a slow striptease.

First, she reveals her small, natural breasts, adorned with a bold tattoo. Then she loses her teddy to expose her firm ass and shaved pussy. She twirls and sways, then removes her shoes, treating us to a close-up of her feet, encased in nylon mesh. She enters the tub, still wearing her stockings, and strokes and splashes her body, delighting in the luxury,

As she lounges back, the rippling water caresses her slim curves and offers peeks at her tits and crotch as they emerge from its milky depths. She begins to masturbate, manicured fingers teasing her slit, then rolls over, giving us similar glimpses of her ass as she humps and grinds. On her back once more, she pleasures herself, moaning as her digits penetrate her pussy and hit the spot.

Chica frigs hard and fast, yelling out loud as she cums to a sudden, intense orgasm. But she’s not done yet. Perching on the tub, she lights a black candle, and drizzles spatters of molten wax on her naked skin. She cries out as it stings then hardens, working her way down from her globes and nipples, and over her flat belly to her mound.

The hot wax hits her clit and solidifies on her butterfly lips, then she drips more on her neck and face before targeting her pussy again, and contorts to decorate her splayed butt with black trickles. As the movie draws to a close, she performs another erotic dance, then blows out the candle…

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