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Lucia A, Iris – Passion Black Part 2 2

Back for more kink, lesbian lovers Lucia A and Iris are switching roles. Now Dominant, brunette Iris – topless in sheer black panties – climbs a spiral staircase to enter a bedroom. Strawberry blonde submissive Lucia awaits her, dressed in a high-cut black teddy and leather cat-girl fetish mask. Both are tattooed, have multiple piercings, and wear heavy biker boots.

Lucia sits on the bed and, as they make out, Iris unmasks and strips her – then the redhead returns the favor and removes her Domme’s panties. When both are naked, they lie on the covers, each masturbating the other’s shaved pussy. Iris takes charge, on top, although the pleasure is mutual as fingers explore juiced-up folds, and perfect breasts with pierced nipples grind together.

The brunette sucks on her girlfriend’s tits, then straddles her heavily inked body. She grabs a black sex toy from the nightstand, and Lucia holds it as they take turns to oralize the main shaft. It features an integrated butt-plug, which the submissive lubes and inserts in her asshole. Legs raised then splayed, she plows it in and out, as her Mistress teases her clit.

Next, Iris crams the main dildo into her snatch. As she rides it, every move stirs and pumps the plug inside of Lucia’s ass. The pair humps, kisses, and pleasures each other’s tits, banging harder and faster. They moan and talk dirty, and the Domme’s buns bounce against her lover’s thighs as both inch closer to orgasm.

Iris is first to cum, yelping and bucking in ecstasy. But she keeps humping on the toy, cumming again as Lucia hits the point of no return. They share an intense mutual climax, followed by tender, lingering kisses and caresses – with the anal plug still buried deep in the redhead’s butt and the mock-cock rearing up from her crotch…

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