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Sexy brunette Iris – a kinky alternative babe with multiple facial piercings – is sitting bound to a chair in a stark living room, with her eyes closed and an intense expression on her face. Makeup-free, she is wearing only panties and heavy biker boots. The camera moves down slowly, lingering on her naked, perfect breasts, tattoos, and nipple and navel barbells.

Her Dominant Lucia arrives – a strawberry blonde dressed in a leather fetish cat mask, black thong-back teddy, and similar footwear. Flaunting even more ink, she opens the drapes so sunlight floods in, then spins Iris’s chair around to kiss her. She licks and nuzzles her way down, sucking on her tits, and we see that the split crotch of the willing submissive’s panties is held shut with a zipper and small metal padlock.

Lucia strokes the fabric with manicured fingers. Iris writhes in her seat – then opens her mouth to reveal a tiny metal key. The lock and zipper are unfastened to bare her trimmed pussy, and Lucia teases the moist, puffy folds then inserts a finger. Within moments, she is frigging Iris with two digits, pumping them in and out.

On her knees but very much in control, Lucia eats her girlfriend’s pussy – and all Iris can do is take it, whimpering out loud. Next, the redhead removes one of the bonds, so Iris can hook a leg over her back and stroke her hair. Lucia stands and Iris unsnaps her teddy-crotch, so she can give her Domme’s shaved pussy some due attention.

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